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We can give you access to over 1100+ Advisors who are available for you starting right now. If you are serious about scaling your business, you have never been able to access this wealth of knowledge. No time-consuming application process, get access to advisors immediately and start booking meetings for example to: 


Too good to be true? But what if it’s not? Try now and see for yourself. 

Some companies our Sparring Partners have worked for

No time to waste

Prönö can help companies move faster into the right direction. We’ve researched hundreds of accelerators, programs and projects that are run around the World and are bringing the most important elements to our platform. 


We have removed the long application process, long kickoff meetings with limited value, and generic workshop templates you have already filled out in your last program. 


We kept unlimited sparring meetings with the advisors you choose, peer-to-peer networking opportunities and access to unlimited resources. 

How does it work?

You get access to advisors, browse and book meetings with the ones you want, set up an agenda, and meet online to solve your problems. You can book as many meetings as you want. 

You build your own schedule, we just make knowledge and resources available for you. For Example, get 90% off your Hubspot licenses, but also find sparring partners to help you make the most of it.


All is included in your single monthly fee, or would be if it wasn’t completely free for a limited time. 

Who are eligible to join?

If you are building something new and are looking to grow your business, our doors are open for you. There are however some limitations:

If you might not qualify for one of the above-mentioned reasons, Prönö can still help you in other ways. Let’s meet to discuss more. 

Who are eligible to join?

If you are building something important and are looking to grow your business, yourself and your team, our doors are open for you.

There are however some limitations, so we reserve the right to remove your free access, if…

If you are not sure whether you qualify for one of the above-mentioned reasons, we are happy to discuss with you and find out more. 

How to Book Sessions?

Get Access

Get access to all available sparring partners now for FREE fro a limited time. 

Browse & Book

Find and book free 50-minute advisory sessions with as many advisors as you want and need.

Meet the Advisors

Set your goals for the meeting, meet the Advisors on our platform and work on your growth goals together. 

…with 7-day Money Back Guarantee. 

Additional Benefits for any company

Peer-to-Peer Sessions

Attending an online program is faster and more productive that an in-person 10-week program, but as anyone who has attended an accelerator program can tell you, peer-to-peer meetings are often one of the best parts of any program. 


Attend Bi-Weekly peer-to-peer sessions to talk about the issues you are struggling with or hear others share their triumphs. Every other month we’ll also be organizing in-person get-to-gethers for all the teams and advisors in Helsinki and Tampere, Finland. 

We can help you get funded

Acquiring funding is a crucial step on any startup’s journey. When you are in Prönö you are not alone. When you are on our platform, you can get help on for example the following:

And when you do get funded, you can find the best partners from our marketplace and negotiate deals with them directly.  


Discounts, tools and more...

Techstars, Y-Combinator and Prönö are all examples of official Hubspot Partners for Startups, which means that getting into one of these programs gives you access to startup discounts and other resources that help you run your business. 


On top of getting -90% off your licenses, you can also do the onboarding with Prönö or any of the available Hubspot Experts you can find on our platform and save your time and money. 

Put a price on your time

As a startup you you are naturally inclined to save money wherever possible. But your time is something you can spend, right? Wrong!


Your time is all you have. Be mindful of where you spend it. Being in the startup buzz might help you run into connections otherwise not possible, but you might end up wasting a chunk of your time.


Getting access to advisors (and also some investors) available on Prönö takes 5 minutes, and if you can’t find a single advisor you believe could help you, will get your money back. 

No need to fill this form. Just get started.

Traditionally you would need to apply for our program, fill in more details and share us your presentations, but now you don’t have to.  

We want to give access to all companies who want to achieve the next level.

Scroll down, create your profile, and simply get started . 

Simply create your company profile, and you will automatically get access to 
1000+ Sparring partners on our platform. 

Changing the way business knowledge is shared and bought, as already mentioned in…