Helene Auramo

Helene Auramo on Trendi Magazine: “I always think about how I can make the biggest impact”

Here’s some good news to start the year: the first issue of Trendi Magazine in 2021 features Helene Auramo and Prönö! Helene told her story and why she wanted to build a platform for changemakers. For her, Prönö is the way to make the greatest possible impact on the future of our world. 

(Now with more than 1200 users, Prönö has started to grow and show its true potential. On the platform, prönös are seeking and offering help, finding new opportunities and new relationships with mentors, connecting with future colleagues and so on. The number of prönös on board grows every single day, and the feedback is promising and supportive. So far, 75% say that they are happy with their experience after onboarding.)

In the article, Helene shares many interesting points about her background that have guided her. When Helene was in business school, their class was asked: “Who of you might want to be entrepreneurs in the future?” Helene raised her hand without even completely understanding why. 

Soon after that, Helene took the big leap and started a business with her fellow students.

“I was 24 when I was the CEO of my first company. At that time, being an entrepreneur wasn’t trending, and many of my friends criticized my decisions. They thought that I should have pursued a career in big corporations. But I didn’t care, because I had found my own path.”

For Helene, it was important to try all kinds of things at a young age. It’s so valuable to understand one’s own strengths and values, and experience truly helps with this. And now, Helene is focused on building Prönö, a platform for entrepreneurially-minded people. 

Being a serial entrepreneur was not Helene’s original career plan, but now she sees the full picture. Prönö is her way to leave her mark and make the world a better place. 

“I always want to challenge myself to think bigger. How can I make the greatest possible impact? I’m afraid that our world is heading in a bad direction, and I feel a responsibility to change it.”


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