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We believe mentoring should be available for all of us, but many programs have traditionally been expensive or apply only. We want to change this.

Now you can get access to thousands of business mentors and book sessions with any of them for a simple fixed fee.

Here’s how it works:

Get access today and see for yourself. Full 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t find one single mentor you would like to meet within 7 days. 


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Who are the mentors?

Mentoring is all about having the right connection between the mentor and the mentee. The mentors on our platform are primarily experienced business professionals with expertise and knowledge about how to grow and develop businesses.

Each one of them is looking to become a mentor, and now with our platform, we can make them available for you easier than ever.

About 80% of the mentors are located in Finland and can provide mentoring in Finnish or English.

How does it work?

Some mentorship programs cost thousands of euros, or you only get to meet one or just a few mentors who might even be selected for you. It is often a coin toss whether you find the mentor that suits your needs or not.

With Prönö, you get to choose who you want to meet, how many you want to meet and how often you want to meet them. Meeting the same mentor every week might not be possible, but it’s up to you without any costs or extra effort.

Some companies our Mentors have worked for

This is how it works

Get Access

Get access to all available candidates for 3 months with a one-time fee of 149€ or save up to -40% with
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Browse & Book

Use smart filters to browse and book mentoring sessions with as many mentors as you want. We have even automated rescheduling. 

Meet the Mentors

Meet the Mentors on our platform in 50-minute online session. Meet again or meet someone new without any extra fees. 

…with 7-day Money Back Guarantee. 

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Only 49€/month?

Running a mentoring program has traditionally required a lot of manual work. Therefore programs have been hard to get into, non-scalable, limited in capacity and / or expensive to run and attend.


With our platform, we are able to give you access to mentors who are available, automate everything that goes into booking a mentoring session, and soon find the perfect matches for you using AI. We are basically removing the manual work, which is expensive. 


Our Mission is to Bring knowledge, inspiration, and innovation to every professional in the World. And that’s why it’s only 49€ per month, or even less if your company is paying. 

Where else to find mentors?

Prönö is definitely not the only platform where you can find a mentor. Hundreds  of Global Platforms provide the same type of service but with some distinct differences.

  • On many platforms the number of sessions or mentors you can book is limited. In Prönö, you have the freedom to meet anyone.
  • On some platforms, the mentor gets compensated, so the cost of a program is much higher, as in Prönö they are here to share their knowledge for free.
  • Mentors in Prönö are mostly located in Finland and other Nordic countries, so if you are looking to receive mentoring from people living in the happiest country in the world, Prönö might be just the right place for you.

Purchase your access now

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and with a 7-Day money-back guarantee. 

OR, if you are looking to provide mentoring for your whole team,
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discounted pricing, monitoring and reporting and much more. 

Who is Mentoring for?

Benefits of mentoring

A mentoring relationship can offer numerous benefits to both the mentor as well as the mentee. Mentors provide practical advice and support based on their own experiences, helping mentees to navigate challenges more effectively. The most common benefits for the mentees are:

Mentoring can also offer you networking opportunities and give mentees access to a broader range of contacts in the mentors network. It’s up to you, if you are ready to invest into your future, growth and success. We can give you the access, but you need to step in and walk the walk.

Mentoring for your employees

Mentoring has become a thing that employees learn to expect from employees. For example, 84% of the Fortune 500 Companies offer mentoring to their employees, and of those with a mentor 97% find mentoring valuable.

If you haven’t already set up your mentoring program, or you are managing it by yourself without clear goals and a lot of manual work – perhaps we can help you?

With Prönö you can give your employees access to all mentors on the platform for as low as 33€ / month, and put your program on autopilot. We will be doing the reporting and monitoring for you, so you can focus on your other duties. 

Are you organizing a mentoring program?

If you are already running a mentoring program, Prönö might the best thing you have come to learn in a while. Depending on the type, size, length and purpose of you program – operating it on our platform might help you automate some or ALL of the following:

With Prönö you can run your program with your own mentors, or also give your mentees access to 1000’s of mentors on our platform already. However you want to do it, it will definitely save a lot of your time.

Prönö - the all-in-one professional platform

Smart Matching

Our intelligent system matches customers to the professionals based on their needs and goals.

Easy Booking

Booking is easy, rescheduling automated and the sessions are organized on our platform.

Smooth Payments

All services are on-demand and can be paid with credit card with money back guarantee.  

Changing the way business knowledge is shared and bought, as already mentioned in…