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Access 1000+ Candidates

Find your next board member easier. Get access, browse candidates, book meetings and sign the candidate you want, right on the platform, and without expensive finders’s fees. No campaign content, managing applications or answering countless emails and phone calls.

Here some expertise areas of the candidates waiting for you: 

Get access today and see for yourself. Full 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t find one single candidate you would like to meet. 


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Economy of Scale

Finding your board member has traditionally been a relationship process. And it can still be, if you find the right candidate from your own circles. But the problem with circles is inefficiency and lack of scale. Your network is recommending you candidates from their network, which is always  limited.

With a platform, you can always see all available options from a larger pool. And with Prönö you know they are actively interested in new roles. 

Always less than 490€

Our unique platform model gives you access to a database of 1000+ board members candidates with only 490€ / month. And with Credit Bundles you can save 40% and find your board member with less than 300€.

If you want someone to create the optimal search profile and meet the candidates on your behalf, Prönö is not the Service for you, but if you want to do a targeted search for a specific target group, let’s look at the Premium Search option. 

Some companies our candidates have worked for

Economy of Scale

This is how it works

Get Access

Get access to the whole database of available candidates for one month with a one-time fee of 490€ or save up to -40% with Credit bundles

Browse & Book

Use smart filters to browse and book interviews with as many candidates you want. We have even automated rescheduling. 

Meet Candidates

Meet the candidates on our platform. Sign the best candidate without a finder’s fee. Save your time and money for something else. 

…with 7-day Money Back Guarantee. 

Bringing diversity into Company Boards

As one of the leading platforms built for top professionals, we have done the yearly diversity study of Listed Company Boards in Finland now already two times. Read more from articles below. 

Additional Services

Targeted Premium Search

If 1000 candidates is not enough or you want to make things easy for yourself – we can build a campaign for you. With a targeted campaign we can source all candidates that are definitely interested in you and available for you open position. 

Premium Search also comes with a fixed price of +490€. With credits you can save up to -40%.

Build an ideal candidate profile with advisors

Getting access to a database of 1000+ candidates might me overwhelming, especially, if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Many companies are offering board reviews, but if you want to be efficient and smart about where to invest, you can book individual sessions with top Board Professionals and HR Consultants, and get the advice you need. Read more about how Prönö Knowledge-as-a-Service works or book a meeting with us. 

Headhunters Welcome

As a platform, we can also help headhunters and recruiters to find candidates for their customers. You can now get access to the the growing database of 1000 candidates and soon use our AI-powered search to help your clients find their match.

Stop wasting your time in trying to contact candidates to see about their availability and access our database today to see who actually are available. You can also book meetings and invite your customers to join or join your customer’s meetings on the platform. 

Prönö - the all-in-one professional platform

Smart Matching

Our intelligent system matches customers to the professionals based on their needs and goals.

Easy Booking

Booking is easy, rescheduling automated and the sessions are organized on our platform.

Smooth Payments

All services are on-demand and can be paid with credit card with money back guarantee.  

Get your access here

Fill the form and pay 490€ (+vat) with your credit card to
get access to over 1000 board member candidates inside 24 hours
and with 7-Day money back guarantee. 

Or, if you are still thinking about it, you can also book a meeting to discuss with our team. 

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