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One profile – customized availability

On Prönö you only need one profile to be available for multiple opportunities and roles. By selecting the opportunities you wish to receive, you can make the profile just the way you want, for free. Let’s look a bit closer. You profile determines your availability

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What is the Prönö Session?

We want to make it as simple as possible for professionals to get 1-to-1 advice and be matched with the right professionals and companies. Prönö Sessions in a nutshell: Each Prönö Session is a 50-minute virtual 1-to-1 meeting with the advisor, coach or changemaker you

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Help the right advisors find your company

With the new smart categories on Prönö, you can help the right advisors find you and offer you their advice with just one click. Selecting the types of advisors that you are actively seeking, is free and takes less than a minute of your time.

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Find impact companies that are looking for you

On Prönö, you can see which companies share your goals and are actively looking for your expertise. You don’t need to try to find contact details for these companies – because it takes only one click to add yourself to their advisory pool. You don’t

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How to make your profile stand out on Prönö

On Prönö, your profile is you. Sharpen your bio, values and dreams to share more about yourself. Link up your social media accounts to give others a fuller perspective, and if you want to quickly list your experience, import it directly from LinkedIn. To get

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Why bring your whole team to Prönö?

Imagine if you could be on the shortlist every time your future customers choose who they want to work with. Or better yet, imagine if your whole team could be there. On Prönö you do not have to imagine, just take a few clicks. Traditionally

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How do you attract the advisor you are looking for?

Traditionally, finding the right advisor has been a time-consuming challenge for companies. But even modern solutions that streamline parts of this process can waste your time. For example, you are probably fed up with filling in your company details all over again whenever you join

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What are advisory pools on Prönö?

Advisory Pools are the core of the Prönö platform. Each company on the platform has their own pool of professionals, and you as a professional can join these pools with just one click. This is how we are making it as easy as possible for

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The platform for future board members

Prönö is the platform for future board members and organisation advisors. We connect you with organizations planning to seek expertise in various roles outside of their current networks. Be found for board positions The logic of our platform is new, but simple. Traditionally, it’s been

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Why have organizations joined Prönö?

As you know, we all have needs that we would like to get fulfilled – and so do the organizations. At Prönö, we want to match these needs with the right experts – and that could mean you. Each organization on Prönö is an opportunity

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What is Prönö organization account for?

Prönö organization is for you to be able to find the partners, freelancers and teams that want to work with you. We are building a platform where that is as easy as possible for you. Grow your circle on the platform and communicate directly on

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