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Prönö Sessions are a revolutionary approach to opening the door to minds and having discussions you might not even know about or have access to. Whether you are an entrepreneur eager to grow or an employee of an organization looking for new perspectives, Prönö is for you.

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Taneli Tikka

Taneli Tikka

Serial entrepreneur, board member & investor

Taneli has 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, CEO, executive, board member, advisor, keynote speaker, occasional consultant, and investor with business angle activities and funds.

Session languages: Finnish, English



I have been a part of taking many tech startups towards scale and growth. From local to international. Raising funding, writing decks and plans, and eventually exiting businesses. I have what you could call end-to-end scale and width in my past experience: everything from being involved in founding a startup, hiring a team, and figuring out what works to scaling the business, securing funding (in which I have experience from fund of funds level, LP level, GP level, business angel level), and exiting.

Strategy & Leadership:

I coach individual persons to grow to the next level. I coach teams and executive boards in futures thinking. I have a side career as a coach for leadership and culture design and in sparring management teams and boards. I have done two complete turnarounds successfully in my career: taking a company from the brink of death into prosperity. I have been a part of very small intense firms – and big corporations as well as governmental public institutions.

Finance & Accounting:

I have raised 16 rounds of risk capital into tech firms with direct involvement. Many more rounds with advisor or supporting involvement. And more than 10 exits. I have been a part of a corporate M&A board. Also bought businesses myself, not just exited them. My investor experience is end-to-end: fund of funds level, LP level, GP level, Pooled manager level, angel level and government funding too as a bonus.


See Taneli’s full profile and pricing here.


(Taneli is available for 3 sessions per week only, so be fast)




Piritta Fors

CEO & Founder of Luonkos

Piritta is a futurist, strategist and entrepreneur and CEO of the fastest-growing natural cosmetics company in Finland, Luonkos. She is enthusiastic about building a better, more sustainable future. Her background is in future research, coaching, and press photography. She is also a visual storyteller.

Session languages: English, Finnish



My expertise is in the areas of strategic thinking, sustainability and values-based entrepreneurship. I can help coach to clarify your business plan, to find your “why” and to identify your values.

Business Coaching:

I coach individual persons to grow to the next level. I coach teams and executive boards in futures thinking and values clarification. I can help with longer term futures coaching processes.

Futures Thinking & Transformation:

I help individuals and teams to find their future vision and the steps to get there.


See Piritta’s full profile and pricing here.


(Piritta is available for 3 sessions per week only, so be fast)






Anna Kuusela

SISU Collective

I help influential leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and changemakers create extraordinary business success and personal wellbeing. We create our lives from who we are therefore I go deep with my clients. To transcend our being is to grow in our self-awareness and understand how we elevate our consciousness: through our thoughts, emotions and actions. I’m a confidant, coach and trusted advisor on this journey, having helped multiple international 6-to-9 figure businesses and leaders change how they can BE in this world.

Session languages: English, Finnish



I can help you build the necessary self-leadership skills that enable you to thrive as a business owner / entrepreneur. Your results are created from who you are – therefore we focus on who you are at your best and work together to bring that out to support your business vision.

Business Coaching:

I coach individual persons to grow to the next level. I coach teams and executive boards too. My clients and I meet deep, even discussing fears and doubts: anything that is holding you back from success. We work on self-awareness, and your ability to lead yourself, so that you can create the success you envision, taking small steps even on the hardest of days.

Strategy & Leadership:

We work on who you are as a leader and how you show up, aligned with what you care about. I support you in accessing more of your potential: your creativity, resilience and vitality to be able to lead people into new horizons, or through complex change. This work will change how you can BE with other people, your presence, charisma and business input. Your thinking, decision-making and leadership will be clear, concise and speedy.


See Anna’s full profile and pricing here.


(Anna is available for 3 sessions per week only, so be fast)






Anna Moilanen

Open Flower

Hello, I’m Anna, Open Flower: a lover of new, future utopias. I’ve been told that I’m not quite from this world – a great compliment. I exist in the crossroads of fantasy and reality. This is why I can help you in seeing new possibilities and acting. We change the future by creating it. Life is a great gift not to be wasted. Every day is a chance to start. In 1/4 century I’ve helped businesses, cities, governments, universities, foundations, museums, unions – anyone interested in the new. Are you?

Session languages: English, Finnish


Futures Thinking & Transformation:

We change the future by creating it. I want to help people embrace change and see the future not as risks or scenarios, but as purposeful action. At its best, the future is utopias: something boldly new. Let’s create utopias together! I will encourage, support and curate your path. One first act is a good start.


Becoming an entrepreneur was my longtime dream. It took a decade of courage building for me to start. I started my own business, Open Flower, 11+ years ago, and since then I’ve “pushed” many colleagues on this path. I’d be happy to help you in finding the courage and purpose and first steps.

Design & Creative Services

One of my passions is strengthening the role of art, culture and creativity in contemporary society. I see that creativity = possibilities. It is our way forward. I can help in bringing business and creativity together. My background is in the best creative agencies. I’ve worked as Artek’s (art & technology) oneperson marketing & PR organisation, globally. During my 11+ years as an entrepreneur, I’ve helped numerous art institutions – e.g. name HAM (Helsinki Art Museum) is my creation.


See Anna’s full profile and pricing here.


(Anna is available for 3 sessions per week only, so be fast)



Helene Auramo


Helene Auramo


I’m Co-Founder and CEO of Prönö, Co-Founder of Slush & Indiedays and board member of Fodelia Oyj.

Session languages: English, Finnish



I can help startups and new companies commercialize their businesses and help founders to see the bigger picture of their business. I have a lot of experience in building companies from scratch and leading teams. I can help entrepreneurs to find their mission, vision, values and purpose and to create pitch decks and business plans.

Communication & Media:

I can help in finding your company’s mission, vision, values and purpose and in communicating them. In my previous roles I have worked on strategy communications, social media and blogs. Both B2B and B2C, but in general I get more excited of B2B.

Strategy & Leadership

I can help leaders to build humane businesses  and find purpose and meaning. I can help with business plans, strategies, change management communications, boardroom work and understanding digital transformation.


See Helene’s full profile and pricing here.


(Helene is available for 2 sessions per week only, so be fast)




Join Prönö to get access to 3000+ advisors, coaches & changemakers to book a session with anyone!


No one ever managed to do anything particularly important all alone. That is why we have created an advisory platform available at your fingertips. 

On Prönö, you’ll find changemakers, advisors and coaches coming together with impact companies to co-create a brighter future. 

Through the Prönö platform you can find advice and book 1-to-1 sessions with advisors, changemakers and coaches with just a few clicks.

Each Prönö Session is a 50-minute virtual 1-to-1 meeting with the advisor, coach or changemaker you have booked. 

It is a conversation between two people, not a presentation. 

The customer sets the discussion topics beforehand (maximum 3 different questions/themes). 

The advisor accepts the session if it is in the right scope, and the customer pays for the session in advance via Prönö. 

Before the session, the advisor prepares for 5 minutes for the meeting. 

After the session, the advisor sends meeting notes and the top three recommendations to the customer. 

The advisor then gets paid via Prönö after the session.

If you are interested in creating a public profile to sell your sessions via a shareable link (see an example (Helene’s profile), you pay 2,90€/month + VAT. 

If you are interested in also getting access to our marketplace on Prönö for companies and professionals to find you through our platform, the pricing starts at 23,90€+VAT/month. See the whole pricing here

If you are interested in buying sessions, you only pay for the sessions in advance. So the platform is free to join for buyers.

Prönö has 3000+ professionals and 200+ companies. 

If you have expertise you want to commercialize or you are interested in board and/or advisory board positions, Prönö is the place to go. 

On Prönö you can find advisors, coaches, and changemakers from many different fields, including entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, sales, product development, legal, and finance. 

Join Prönö as a changemaker, coach or advisor and start selling your sessions OR as a professional who is interested in buying services.

You can buy Prönö Sessions directly on the profile of any professional on our platform by clicking “Book a 1-to-1 session” button. You can pay via Stripe with your credit card (e.g. Visa and Mastercard). See all accepted credit cards here.

Prönö is built for impact companies to easily find advisors, coaches and changemakers to help them move forward. Impact companies can book sessions easily.  

All advisors, coaches, and changemakers can join your advisory pool, so you can find them easily. Many in the pools are offering the first session for you for free. 

If you are part of an impact company, you can create your company profile free here. 

Prönö is for innovative companies and organizations that want to manage and increase knowledge and create a knowledge-based, innovations-driven culture. 

Prönö helps to attract, hire, engage and retain talent. Prönö improves performance in specific areas with subject matter experts.

Prönö was founded by Helene Auramo. She is an entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Slush (Europe’s biggest startup event), Zipipop (the first social media agency in Finland) and Indiedays (the first fashion blogger site in Finland). Read more about the core team here.

Prönö is backed by a core group of experienced investors that includes Christian Berte and Taneli Tikka. You can read more about our investors here


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