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For leaders and startup founders who want to achieve their goals with the help of best in the industry. 

Select your topic today, and get to work! You will never work the old way again.

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Flexible program with your schedule 

You can select when you start, when you meet this week and when you finish. Start today and save 490€! 

Hand-picked TOP experts  

We have pre-selected the advisors but you can make the final selections from the shortlist. 

Everything is

Everything is automated for you. Selecting your coaches, meeting them online, and having the support you need right there with out extra effort. 

Some of the Advisors in our Programs

Liisa Holma

Liisa Holma

CEO, Board member, 
Podcast producer and co-host

I am an activist for businesses that are better in every way possible. I’ve worked with large corporates and small companies. I have served in board and leadership teams and worked as a consultant and advisor.

Expertise areas: Strategy, Leadership, Customer Experience.

Anu Ubaud

Anu Ubaud

Entrepreneur, Certified Business Coach,
Young Leader of the Year 2021

Co-Founder / United Imaginations
Investor & Advisor / Prönö


Expertise areas: PR, Entrepreneurship, Coaching

+3000 experts more...

A new way to reach your goals

Fixed price with scalable value

Prönö X programs are the quickest and easiest way to reach your business goals and explore a specific topic in depth. You’ll connect with top experts in one-on-one online sessions and guide the conversation where you want it. We’ve already picked out the coaches, experts, and professionals for you, but you get to decide who you’ll meet.

Getting access to a wide range of top experts and learning on your own terms has never been this simple.

Here's how Prönö X Programs work:

  1. Sign up to the Prönö X of your choice (as an early bird).
  2. Get a guided onboarding to set your goals & talking points.
  3. Get access the Program Pool of vetted experts.
  4. Book your first meetings to suit your individual schedule.
  5. Meet, Learn & Repeat for 10 weeks. 

Download the Prönö X Program Guide guide dive deeper into the details of the programs. 

What makes Prönö X unique?

You have never been able to meet so many top experts on a specific topic with your goal as the starting point for your co-creation. Here’s what’s unique: 

  • Efficiency – we are automating everything for you – selecting, booking, and scheduling.

  • Flexibility – you can set your schedule just the way you want. Booking a meeting takes only a few clicks.

  • Scalability – meet multiple diverse experts on your terms and with your goals. 

What's included?

1-to-1 meetings with top experts

We have handpicked top experts for each program. You will be able to meet all of them or work more with some of them. Your call, we’ll deliver.

Leadership Roundtables

Sit into the same online roundtable with leading professionals in their fields and talk about something you all are passionate about. 


Access to
Prönö Marketplace

Get access to over 3300+ professionals on our platform. Use Prönö for any knowledge needs you face in your everyday business. 

Examples of companies where our advisors have worked:

To learn more…

Download the Prönö X Program Guide

Learn and co-create with the experts that best suit you

CXO Advisors

Grow in Sessions with executives (e.g. CFOs, CMOs, CEOs, top leaders)

Expert & industry


Boost your skills with expert advisors (e.g. in sales, project management, marketing)

Customer advisors

Understand your target audience better with customer advisors.


Achieve your goals faster with our executive and  business coaches.

“Prönö X Programs are built out of our passion to bring a world of advisors to your fingertips whenever needed.”

Helene Auramo, CEO & Founder of Prönö
Future Board Member of the Year 2022
Founder of Slush, Indiedays, Zipipop & Okimo Clinic


Prönö X is a program for leaders in all companies. Our leadership accelerator is for all leaders who want to make the most of the knowledge around them.

Yes, all one-to-one sessions can be scheduled according to your calendar. We may organise roundtable sessions, and QnA sessions which will be arranged in advance ,and participation is optional. 

With your program fee, you get to book an unlimited number of meetings with any and all the professionals who enter your company pool and those who are in our exclusive program pools.

Yes, each program has its own pool of hand-picked  advisors, coaches, and mentors. So, if you are motivated and have the time to pursue your goals in multiple topics simultaneously, feel free to sign up.

You might, but as a leadership accelerator, our main focus is on delivering quality advice and knowledge, not primarily meetings or connections with investors. But you can definitely focus your efforts on getting your company investment ready!

This is the best part: You can bring in up to 5 leaders from your company with one single low-rate company fee. All team members can book meetings from your own company pool without limitations, but in case of roundtable sessions, attendance will be limited to max. 1 person / team.

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