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Connect with a diverse group of advisors, creative thinkers, experienced coaches, and like-minded leaders to help you achieve your goals.

Engage with your selected experts in one-on-one online sessions to receive personalized advice.

Change your perspective, gain clarity, and focus on what truly matters.

Surround yourself with the right professionals

Your strategy work is unique. Receiving personalized advice from industry leaders can provide you with self-confidence, fresh perspectives, hands-on expertise, and help you steer clear of pitfalls.

In one-on-one sessions, you can select your topic to enhance your strategic vision, benchmark your strategies, highlight your strengths, and distinguish yourself in your industry. Getting answers to your questions has never been easier or more flexible.

Who is Prönö X Strategy for?


Elevate your strategic capabilities, make confident decisions, and tap into a network of industry experts to take your leadership to the next level.


Access invaluable support from experienced professionals and peers to drive strategic decisions and navigate your organization towards success.


Receive personalized guidance, expert advice and a supportive peer-to-peer help to overcome challenges and drive your business forward with confidence.

What's included?

1-to-1 meetings with top advisors

We have handpicked top experts for each program. You will be able to meet all of them or work more with some of them. Your call, we’ll deliver.

Connect with leading professionals

Spar alongside leading industry professionals, and expand your network in the leadership community with possibility for roundtables & QnA’s.



Talk to and learn from other leaders in the same position as you. Connect with your peers to achieve your goals together.


1500 (+VAT) / leader
  • 10 weeks program
  • 15 credits to book sessions with experts
  • Access to 3300+ top professionals on our platform.
  • Guided Goal-setting & Customer Success
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Who are the advisors and coaches?

Engage directly with our handpicked, industry-leading professionals. Dive deep into tailored 1-to-1 sessions with the top advisors from the Prönö X Leadership Program.


Want to expand your horizons? You also have the freedom to connect with any of the 3,300+ professionals on our platform. Or, if you prefer, let our team handle the arrangements for you.



Examples of companies where our advisors have worked:

Read more about the Programs: 

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Here are some of the advisors

to book 1-to-1 sessions with. 

Caroline Bondier Prono

Caroline Bondier

Founder, Articana

Caroline helps businesses perform at their best to achieve strategic objectives. She has two decades of experience in successfully developing and deploying business and technology transformation for global organisations like NOKIA, CITEC, KONE, and NAAVA. She has overseen entire value chains, from designing strategies to implementing solutions. Her passion lies in operational excellence and driving transformative change.

Expertise areas: Strategy & Leaderhip, Software Engineering & Tech Architecture

Tom Weckstrom

Tom Weckström

Founder, Balandor Inc.

Tom is the CEO and founder of Balandor, and has over two decades of experience inB2B and B4B businesses. He has delivered value to numerous customer segments in six tech startups & two listed software companies. His mission lies in helping entrepreneurs and their teams innovate a better world. He is passionate about innovation, strategy, building products and services, business models, compassionate leadership, perception of value, customer and employee experience (CX, EX), sustainability, circular economy, continuous learning, communication, digitalization, and productivity.

Expertise areas: Strategy & Leadership


Isto Felin

CEO, Agila

Isto is a business professional with 15+ years experience from top rated management consulting firms such as Deloitte, Korkia (formerly Eera), and Trainers’ House. He is an insightful strategy implementer and business facilitator with understanding of change management and the working environment needed to create exceptional sales and service experiences. He helps create a clear strategic vision to drive business growth and innovative customer solutions. His passion lies in generating business value and strategic success utilizing scientifically tested and developed methods for value discovery.

Expertise areas: Strategy & Leadership, Commercialization, Internationalization


Johanna Andersén

Founder & CEO, Aperoiga

Johanna is an executive leader, entrepreneur, interim director and advisor passionate about growing businesses through innovation, strategies and ecosystems. In her 20+ years, she has built several high performing business development organisations (10-250/500 FTEs) and led digital innovations often years ahead of the market, always radically reforming financial services. She has created extraordinary strategies in all corners of the world both as a leader and as an advisor.

Expertise areas: Strategy & Leadership, Sales, Product Development

... +3000 more!

Prönö X Strategy Program


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Prönö X is a program for leaders in all companies. Our leadership accelerator is for all leaders who want to make the most of the knowledge around them.

Yes, all one-to-one sessions can be scheduled according to your calendar. We may organise roundtable sessions, and QnA sessions which will be arranged in advance ,and participation is optional. 

With your program fee, you get to book an unlimited number of meetings with any and all the professionals who enter your company pool and those who are in our exclusive program pools.

Yes, each program has its own pool of hand-picked  advisors, coaches, and mentors. So, if you are motivated and have the time to pursue your goals in multiple topics simultaneously, feel free to sign up.

You might, but as a leadership accelerator, our main focus is on delivering quality advice and knowledge, not primarily meetings or connections with investors. But you can definitely focus your efforts on getting your company investment ready!

This is the best part: You can bring in up to 5 leaders from your company with one single low-rate company fee. All team members can book meetings from your own company pool without limitations, but in case of roundtable sessions, attendance will be limited to max. 1 person / team.

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