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This 10-week program is designed to help you become a more effective leader. Choose to meet with industry leaders in managing yourself, leading your team, motivating others, or wherever you need help to improve your leadership skills.

Your goals. Your schedule. Your success.

Set your goals & choose your experts

Take a deep dive into a transformational journey where you connect, collaborate, and create with other forward-thinking leaders like yourself.


Get personal 1-to-1 sessions with the leadership experts you choose. Share ideas, absorb valuable insights, and reshape your leadership style and strategy.

Learn successful strategies, ask tough questions, and work with these experts to tackle your unique leadership challenges and goals.

Who is Prönö X Leadership for?


Is leadership your top priority?

If you aspire to have all the necessary tools and insights to excel in the field of leadership, this opportunity is tailored specifically for you.


Expand your perspectives and elevate your strategic thinking to new heights by learning from the best in the industry.


Leading your team in the best possible way is crucial for the success of your business, and with the Prönö X Leadership Program, you’ll gain access to all the advice and support you need to excel.

What's included?

1-to-1 meetings with top experts

We have handpicked top experts for each program. You will be able to meet all of them or work more with some of them. Your call, we’ll deliver.

Connect with leading professionals

Spar alongside leading industry professionals, and expand your network in the leadership community with possibility for roundtables & QnA’s  

Get Access to over 3300+ experts 

Get access to over 3300+ professionals on our platform. Use Prönö for any knowledge needs you face in your everyday business. 


1500 (+VAT) / leader
  • 10 weeks program
  • 15 credits to book sessions with experts
  • Access to 3300+ top professionals on our platform.
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Your Schedule 

Work according to your own schedule and meet when it best suits you.

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Who are the advisors & coaches?

You will have access to hand-picked industry-leading professionals who understand leadership and can bring new insights into your everyday business. 

Down below, you can see some of the carefully selected experts but you also get access to our 3000+ professionals to book sessions with any of them. 

By signing up today and save 490€ on your program fee. 

Examples of companies where our advisors have worked:

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Some of our advisors...

Anu Ubaud

Anu Ubaud

Entrepreneur, Certified Business Coach,
Young Leader of the Year 2021

Anu Ubaud is a Co-Founder of the brand agency United Imaginations, which concentrates on the societal impact of companies. Prior to starting United Imaginations, Anu served as the Editor-in-Chief of Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s largest daily newspaper. She has worked in management and leadership roles within the Finnish media industry for 10 years, leading the digital transformation of journalism. In addition to her vast media experience, Anu was named “Vuoden nuori johtaja 2021” (“Young Leader of the Year 2021” in English). She is also a certified business coach.


Expertise areas: PR, Entrepreneurship, Coaching

1 (3)

Aurora Airaskorpi

Author, Podcast host, and career coach

Aurora is an expert in creative leadership and the future of working life. She actively seeks to challenge the existing practices of working life and bring fresh perspectives. Aurora has immersed herself in the future of work and innovation through her personal experiences ranging from traditional leadership roles to digital nomadism and fully remote leadership positions. She holds a Master’s degree in Media and Global Communications, is a certified work-life coach and yoga teacher, and has published two non-fiction books, a podcast and several journalistic pieces exploring the future of working life. 

Expertise areas: Strategy & Leadership, Creative Work & Processes, Innovation

Marko Katajisto Prono

Marko Katajisto

Innovation Culture Lead
DNA oyj

Marko Katajisto is a visionary leader with a passion for fostering business opportunities through exceptional leadership. With a people-oriented approach, Marko is dedicated to serving others and bringing forth meaningful value to both people and the environment. His keen interest lies in cultivating new and exciting ideas while reforming existing systems, all while embracing innovations, and creativity.

Expertise areas: Strategy & Leadership

Satu Ahlman

Satu Ahlman

CEO at Saga Performance, Founder. Performance & Leadership Advisor, Board member

Satu specialises in helping growth to midsize companies in Tech/IT/Professional services develop healthy, sustainable, high performing corporate cultures by supporting leadership teams with a focus on resilience, self awareness, self leadership and walking the talk. She likes to dig deep into the why and how in the human systems, behavior, interpersonal communication and goes as deep as epigenetics.

Expertise areas: Business Coaching, Leadership, Resilience, Corporate Culture

... +3000 more

Designed for you by yourself

Participating in Prönö X with industry-leading strategy experts, can yield several valuable outcomes:

  1. Strategic thinking: Interacting with seasoned strategy experts provides an invaluable opportunity to expand your strategic thinking capabilities. By discussing current industry trends and how they affect your business, you can refine your ability to analyze complex business challenges and devise effective strategies.

  2. Learning: One-on-one sessions offer personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs and goals. These sessions allow you to seek advice, discuss challenges, and receive mentorship from experts who have achieved notable success in the field. Their insights and perspectives can help you navigate obstacles, make informed decisions, and gain a competitive edge in your leadership role.

  3. Expanded Network: Engaging with industry-leading experts opens doors to new connections and networking opportunities. Expanding your professional network through this program can significantly contribute to your long-term success in business.

  4. Increased Confidence and Self-Awareness: Interacting with industry-leading experts in a personalized setting can boost your confidence as a leader. Through their guidance, you can gain validation for your existing skills and expertise while identifying areas for improvement. This heightened self-awareness enables you to leverage your strengths and work on areas of growth, ultimately enhancing your leadership capabilities.

Why should you not Attend?

While this is a unique opportunity to meet industry-leading strategy experts in one-on-one sessions, it’s important to consider potential reasons why this program might not be suitable for everyone:

  1. Time Commitment: Participating in a 10-week program requires commitment to your own goals and the weekly sessions with the advisors. If you are not committed to becoming better and achieving your goals, it may be challenging to make the most of the one-on-one sessions.
  2. Financial Considerations: Exclusive programs with industry experts often come with a price tag much higher than Prönö X. But if the investment in your success is too much for you, even after 490€ early bird discount, it may be necessary to explore less personalized options like free content online or numerous conferences you can attend.
  3. Way of working: If you prefer to absorb information as an audience member in a conference or prefer to let others decide on your behalf – Prönö X is not the program for you. But if you thrive when learning by doing and want to co-create with the best, you will thrive. 

Prönö X Leadership Program



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Helene Auramo, CEO & Founder of Prönö
Future Board Member of the Year 2022
Founder of Slush, Indiedays, Zipipop & Okimo Clinic

3300+ Advisors




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Prönö X is a program for leaders in all companies. Our leadership accelerator is for all leaders who want to make the most of the knowledge around them.

Yes, all one-to-one sessions can be scheduled according to your calendar. We may organise roundtable sessions, and QnA sessions which will be arranged in advance ,and participation is optional. 

With your program fee, you get to book an unlimited number of meetings with any and all the professionals who enter your company pool and those who are in our exclusive program pools.

Yes, each program has its own pool of hand-picked  advisors, coaches, and mentors. So, if you are motivated and have the time to pursue your goals in multiple topics simultaneously, feel free to sign up.

You might, but as a leadership accelerator, our main focus is on delivering quality advice and knowledge, not primarily meetings or connections with investors. But you can definitely focus your efforts on getting your company investment ready!

This is the best part: You can bring in up to 5 leaders from your company with one single low-rate company fee. All team members can book meetings from your own company pool without limitations, but in case of roundtable sessions, attendance will be limited to max. 1 person / team.

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