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AI is rapidly transforming the way businesses operate.


To identify new business opportunities as a leader, it’s crucial to gather diverse points of view, and with Prönö this process is now simple and fast. Connect with industry-leading professionals, who can help you navigate the swiftly changing landscape



With Prönö X Artificial Intelligence, learn and grow through 1-to-1 online sessions, and learn how to use AI to add value to your input for your business. 

Understand the opportunities with AI

As a leader, you should be able to identify where AI can be applied in your company, and the business opportunities it can bring you.


With AI, you can do wonders in your strategic decision-making,  enhance your customer experience and improve your operational efficiency. 



In short, leaders who understand AI can harness its potential to drive innovation, gain a competitive edge, and stay ahead of competitors. 



Get clarity and focus on your AI journey. 

Think together with top AI professionals

AI is a complex field that requires a solid understanding of its underlying concepts, algorithms, and technologies. The AI landscape is constantly evolving, with new advancements, taking place on a daily basis, which can be scary when you’re new to AI

Match with professionals who have been in your shoes to understand what areas of AI you should leverage for your company. Focus on the right things with Prönö X.

Build a holistic understanding

It’s highly recommended to diversify your learning about AI by sourcing information from multiple outlets and considering diverse perspectives. But how exactly can you achieve that while running a business?


With Prönö X, you can build your AI program with hand-picked professionals with varying AI experience in AI. Gain direct access to some of the brightest minds in business who know how to leverage AI for growth and development.


 Booking a meeting with our experts in one click! 

Who is Prönö X Artificial Intelligence for?


Stay ahead of the competition, navigate the AI landscape with confidence, and make impactful decisions by leveraging the power of AI in your leadership role.


Access peer-to-peer support and personalized advice to enhance your daily and strategic work with AI.


Master AI implementation to effectively manage all aspects of your company’s growth.

Who are the advisors & coaches?

You will have access to industry-leading professionals who understand both the technology, as well as the business opportunities it can bring to your company.


Here are the carefully selected top advisors of the Prönö X AI Program with whom you can meet in intimate 1-to-1 sessions.


Book sessions with them or any of the 3300+ professionals on our platform, or let our team do that for you.

Discover Advisors & Discounts:

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Eikku Koponen

Eija-Leena (Eikku) Koponen

CEO, Sourdata

Eija-Leena is a solo-entrepreneur and consultant, Advisor at SomeBuddy, Women in AI Ambassador in Finland, and co-founder of R-Ladies Helsinki chapter. She has a business oriented mindset solving problems with data and models, and looks for the bigger perspective that seeks to operate in a human centric way. She loves working with startups, NGOs and social enterprises on analytics, machine learning, data strategy, product development and integrating machine learning models as part of business.

Expertise areas: AI, Data Science & Analytics

Gino Almondo

Gino Almondo

Data Scientist, Physicist | Machine Learning, Causality, Responsible AI, Graph Enthusiast

Gino is an experienced data science consultant specialised in healthcare, causal reasoning and AI ethics (algorithmic discrimination, explainability, auditing). He loves simple, responsible, thoughtful and sustainable solutions. His long-term career goal is to positively affect society which is why his biggest professional and personal interests lie in ethical AI, climate crisis/sustainability, healthcare, pro-bono projects, and other projects aimed at positive societal change.

Expertise areas: AI, Data Science & Analytics


Krista Jäntti

CEO, EventuallyAR, UX designer

Krista is the CEO of EventuallyXR, a consultancy company helping companies to find business opportunities in XR (Virtual and Augmented reality), AI, IoT, and blockchain. She also was the CEO and the founder of Exthereal, a digital fashion event that brought together pioneers of digital couture, prominent visionaries of the metaverse, technical experts, and fashion brands. We made the first digital fashion show in Finland and took the first digital fashion piece, Mert Otsamo’s Meta Jacket, as an NFT to the Decentraland metaverse and DRESSX NFT shop. Krista has worked with forerunning companies such as Varjo, Zoan, Elisa, KONE, Sulava, and Nokia.

Expertise areas: Futures Thinking & Transformation, Design & Creative

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Prönö X is a program for leaders in all companies. Our leadership accelerator is for all leaders who want to make the most of the knowledge around them.

Yes, all one-to-one sessions can be scheduled according to your calendar. We may organise roundtable sessions, and QnA sessions which will be arranged in advance ,and participation is optional. 

With your program fee, you get to book an unlimited number of meetings with any and all the professionals who enter your company pool and those who are in our exclusive program pools.

Yes, each program has its own pool of hand-picked  advisors, coaches, and mentors. So, if you are motivated and have the time to pursue your goals in multiple topics simultaneously, feel free to sign up.

You might, but as a leadership accelerator, our main focus is on delivering quality advice and knowledge, not primarily meetings or connections with investors. But you can definitely focus your efforts on getting your company investment ready!

This is the best part: You can bring in up to 5 leaders from your company with one single low-rate company fee. All team members can book meetings from your own company pool without limitations, but in case of roundtable sessions, attendance will be limited to max. 1 person / team.

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