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Think together in intimate 1-to-1 sessions with the industry’s top growth hacking experts focusing on your growth.

Make your company ready for 10X your growth

If you have a unique service/product, an exceptional team, abundant resources, and favourable circumstances, but still struggle with scalability, then our Growth Hacking Program is tailor-made for you.

The program is designed to help businesses like yours overcome growth challenges by implementing innovative strategies, leveraging data-driven insights, and optimising key growth drivers with the help of best experts in the industry. 

Growth Program for companies that are looking to grow

Tailored growth advice is the key to understanding your company’s growth potential.

Growth hacking techniques are scalable, fitting the needs of startups and enterprises alike. By finding innovative, cost-effective solutions, growth hacking helps you achieve maximum results with minimum resources.

We help you to find the right experts to give you tailored advice in 1-to-1 sessions. 

Who is Prönö X Growth Hacking Program for?


Leaders with ambition for growth are not alone anymore. Prönö X brings all the best advisors to your fingertips to success leading growth. 


What ever is your executive role, if you are interested in hacking your company’s growth, this is for you. 


Your business growth can be built now together with best professionals & personal advices. Accelerate your business and your team to success. 

What's included?

1-to-1 meetings with top experts

We have handpicked top experts for each program. You will be able to meet all of them or work more with some of them. Your call, we’ll deliver.

Connect with leading professionals

Spar alongside leading industry professionals, and expand your network in the leadership community with possibility for roundtables & QnA’s.

Get Access to over 3300+ experts 

Get access to over 3300+ professionals on our platform. Use Prönö for any knowledge needs you face in your everyday business. 

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Who are the advisors & coaches?

You will have access to industry-leading professionals who understand both the technology, as well as the business opportunities it can bring to your company.


Here are the carefully selected top advisors of the Prönö X Growth Hacking Program with whom you can book intimate 1-to-1 sessions.

Book sessions with them or any of the 3300+ professionals on our platform, or let our team do that for you.

Examples of companies where our advisors have worked:

Prönö X Leadership Programs


1500 (+VAT) / leader
  • 10 weeks program
  • 15 credits to book sessions with experts
  • Access to 3300+ top professionals on our platform.
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Here are some of the advisors

to book 1-to-1 sessions with. 

Mikael Hugg

Mikael Hugg

Co-founder and Creative Marketing Director at Growthland

Mikael is a serial entrepreneur who hacks growth and has 10 years of experience in growth hacking, marketing, and sales. He is the co-founder and Creative Director at Growthland, a growth agency that helps startups and scale-ups grow faster and more systematically. He is passionate about delivering data-driven and objective solutions that generate results and value. He has helped international enterprises like Molok, EY to hack growth, and has been a Millennial Advisor to the Board of Directors of companies like IF (Insurances), and Elisa (Teleoperator)

Expertise areas: Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Rasmus Basilier

Rasmus Basilier

CEO Euroscalers

Rasmus specialises in helping startups find their way on how to create a revenue engine with benchmarking on effective sales strategies and tools from over 50 companies. He is passionate to make your sales take off! He is the CEO of Euroscalers, a growth accelerator for Nordic B2B or B2G companies who want to expand faster.

Expertise areas: Sales, Entrepreneurship, Education

Paula Ruohoranta

Paula Ruohoranta

Head of sales and markeitng at XMLdation

Paula has nearly two decades of commercial background and she has spent the last decade integrating sales and marketing to build scalable growth strategies. Her approach prioritises understanding buying behavior rather than clinging to traditional sales or marketing methods. Paula has successfully scaled one company from €300m to €1.7m and is on a active mission to propel another from €2mil to €5mil. Her advisory style is practical and hands-on, offering options for both modest and sizable budgets.

Expertise areas: Sales & Growth

Inca Paatela

Inca Paatela

Paid Media Specialist, Influencer Marketing, D2C digital marketer

Inca more than 15 years of digital marketing background and has started hundreds of e-commerce projects in recent years. She really loves what she does and wants to help D2C brands grow through social media with UGC and paid advertising. She understands the challenges of online stores in reaching consumers on social media and the best knowledge you can get from her is how to sell a D2C product to a wide audience using social media. Her biggest customers are PepsiCo, H&M, Scandic Hotels, PostNord, Varma and Centre Party (Finland).

Expertise areas: Marketing, eCommerce, Product Development

... +3000 more!

Prönö X Growth Hacking Program


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Prönö X is a program for leaders in all companies. Our leadership accelerator is for all leaders who want to make the most of the knowledge around them.

Yes, all one-to-one sessions can be scheduled according to your calendar. We may organise roundtable sessions, and QnA sessions which will be arranged in advance ,and participation is optional. 

With your program fee, you get to book an unlimited number of meetings with any and all the professionals who enter your company pool and those who are in our exclusive program pools.

Yes, each program has its own pool of hand-picked  advisors, coaches, and mentors. So, if you are motivated and have the time to pursue your goals in multiple topics simultaneously, feel free to sign up.

You might, but as a leadership accelerator, our main focus is on delivering quality advice and knowledge, not primarily meetings or connections with investors. But you can definitely focus your efforts on getting your company investment ready!

This is the best part: You can bring in up to 5 leaders from your company with one single low-rate company fee. All team members can book meetings from your own company pool without limitations, but in case of roundtable sessions, attendance will be limited to max. 1 person / team.

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