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Something more meaningful

What if you could work on something meaningful every single day? Our goal is to help you do that.


Read more about how we are trying to be the change we want to see in the way we do business – and how you can find the opportunities where you can make a difference.

AUDICIN is looking for advisors on Prönö

Do you want to help and advise a science-based team building an innovative solution that helps people to recharge while they are working? Many busy business people struggle to find the time for recovery breaks, breathing techniques and other restorative exercises. However, the Slush top

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Advisors wanted for VTT projects

VTT – one of Europe’s leading research institutions is solving the biggest problems of our times. Now you have an opportunity to become an advisor for three VTT teams on Prönö platform. Build the future as an advisor with VTT’s Ilmari 2.0, Energy Community or

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New advisor opportunity on Prönö – Mesenaatti

Mesenaatti has become the Largest Crowdfunding platform in the Nordics. Mesenaatti has an active community of 57.000 people creating a steady campaign revenue of 1M€+ in back-to-back years. Now they are looking to find strategic partners to reach even larger audiences and share their community

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Not just executive advisors

An advisor or (adviser) is typically a person with more and deeper knowledge in a specific area and usually also includes persons with cross-functional and multidisciplinary expertise. An advisor’s role is that of a mentor or guide and differs categorically from that of a task-specific

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Prönö Impact Accelerator

Apply for our first accelerator program starting in August! Prönö Impact Accelerator is built to solve the most common problem every startup is facing at some point along the way – Go-To-Market.  Oftentimes, early-stage startups are highly technical and lack the skills and resources to

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Aiming for growth and innovation? Tap into diversity!

SHIFT Business Festival is all about connecting diverse people and businesses to foster growth and innovation. Why do we think so highly of diversity?    Being surrounded by people with matching interests, shared worldviews, and similar backgrounds is very comfortable. You get along well and

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Your Prönö profile in 5 minutes

There are two ways to sell your 1-to-1 virtual sessions on Prönö. And both are really simple. First, you can start selling your sessions through your public Prönö Sessions link. You can share this link via your social media channels, emails, presentations or website –

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What is the Prönö Session?

We want to make it as simple as possible for professionals to get 1-to-1 advice and be matched with the right professionals and companies. Prönö Sessions in a nutshell: Each Prönö Session is a 50-minute virtual 1-to-1 meeting with the advisor, coach or changemaker you

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How to reach everyday investors?

Palance is looking to bring enterprise-level investment analytics to everyday investors. Can you help them find and reach them? Join an advisory workshop to help them grow! There’s plenty of data available for everyday investors, but that data is scattered and unusable without enterprise-level analytics

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Help the right advisors find your company

With the new smart categories on Prönö, you can help the right advisors find you and offer you their advice with just one click. Selecting the types of advisors that you are actively seeking, is free and takes less than a minute of your time.

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Find impact companies that are looking for you

On Prönö, you can see which companies share your goals and are actively looking for your expertise. You don’t need to try to find contact details for these companies – because it takes only one click to add yourself to their advisory pool. You don’t

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A New Competitor in Electric Vehicle Charging – Greenele

Greenele Oy is specialized in electric vehicle charging solutions. Established in 2018, having till now installed +1000 charging points and surveyed +200 housing companies as a consulting agency and a contractor. With the experience they’ve gathered, Greenele has been developing its own charging station and -service behind

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Kukaco built their advisory board on Prönö

Melissa Kujanpää & Kukaco are on a mission to bring textile production back to Finland. After hearing about the opportunity to find advisors on Prönö, Melissa wanted to set the wheels in motion. Now KUKACO has found the advisors they needed to support their mission.

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A Busy Week of Advice and Workshops

We’re taking a look back at last week’s four advisory workshops with Commu, Medified, Crowd for Impact, and Smart Village Builders! This past week we held a grand total of four advisory workshops offering startups an opportunity to hear directly from professionals in their field.

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Medified prono advisory workshop

How to Break into the Medical Field? – Medified

Medified App is a data-driven solution for Mental Health treatmentOur dynamic treatment monitoring software provides valuable insight from the patient’s treatment process for the healthcare professionals to utilize in treatment decisions. Medified is building a customer-centric and data-driven solution for Mental Health care, and would like to find advisors

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VMX Technologies Advisory Workshop

Advisory opportunity: VMX Technologies

VMX Technologies is a small company trying to improve the everyday job of researchers by providing them with innovative tools and solutions. Now they need advice for approaches to finding new talent in the startup world and how to integrate them into a company in

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Moi Forest Prönö Advisory workshop

Advisory opportunity: Moi Forest

Moi Forest is a new webshop for natural cosmetics with healing properties of the forest. Now they need advice to take their business to the next level. Join their upcoming advisory workshop to help them grow! Moi Forest has its roots in an ancient forest

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Muud Advisory Board

Muud is building an advisory board! Apply now

The next advisory board member search on Prönö is here! Brand Agency Muud is looking for advisors to grow as a more responsive brand agency. They are looking for professionals with a wide range of backgrounds to help them make their vision come true. Apply

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How to become an Advisory Board Member?

Have you dreamed about becoming an Advisory Board Member?Prönö is here to help you. Our advisory services platform is the right place for you to start making your dreams come true. Join us for a morning coffee session to hear all about Advisory Boards. Prönö

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Advisory opportunity: Norganics

Norganics is a new webshop for Nordic Cosmetics. Now they need advice to take their business to the next level. Join their upcoming advisory workshop to help them grow! Norganics was born out of a love for the wild nature of the north and high-quality

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It’s not wise to wait for advice

If you are not getting what you need in minutes rather than days or in hours rather than weeks – may we give you a word of advice? The business rules have changed, and others are enjoying the benefits already. Advisors from around the world

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Advising is an opportunity

Today, everybody can make an impact with their expertise. We are no longer hindered by geography or structures that would prevent us from working on something meaningful, so it’s up to all of us to make a difference. Working on something more meaningful is becoming

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Advisory Opportunity: Suomen Kyläavustajat (EXPIRED)

Are you an avid supporter of your local community? This is your chance to single-handedly put your town on the map, and make new connections in your community along the way.  💚 Suomen Kyläavustajat’s mission: Helping local communities rediscover themselves Smaller towns in Finland often struggle

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Advisory opportunity: Mies+ (EXPIRED)

How important is mental health is to you? Here’s a brand new opportunity for you, a chance to help the cause of bettering men’s mental health by advising Mies+ in an upcoming workshop. 💚 Mies+’s mission is to improve men’s mental and emotional health by encouraging

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How can you become an advisor through Prönö?

Employment may not be the norm for business in the future. The role of freelancers and especially advisors is growing as work is quickly moving online. Prönö helps companies find, manage and work with advisors, and we can help you become one.  Especially during Covid,

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