Aila looking for investors

If you are interested in investing in a sustainable future, this is your chance.

Aila is the first centralized platform helping SMEs to take direct climate action and reduce the CO2 emissions of their operations. This sustainable startup from Finland is now seeking early-stage investors to cover the costs of their pre-launch product development.

Pressure to build more sustainable businesses and take necessary climate actions is higher than ever. It comes from top-down and bottom-up from regulation and taxation, investors, more conscious employees or consumers, and simply the ability to be competitive and remain part of the corporate value chain. Most importantly, we can still limit the extent of climate change with the actions we take now, and companies are instrumental in this process.

In a one-stop-shop Aila offers them the possibility to understand and calculate their carbon footprint, a B2B marketplace to easily find and purchase substitute goods and services to eliminate the emissions from the business operations, as well as the tools to report and share the impact with all stakeholders.

💚 Aila’s mission:
Small effort, big impact.
Becoming sustainable and climate neutral, simpler and faster than ever before.

Investment round


Round Size: 200.000 €

Minimum Ticket Size: 10.000 €

Ideal Investor Profile: “We hope to share the same value base with our investors in terms of climate sustainability”

The Founders behind Aila

Juulia Karjula CEO/ Co-Founder

Sustainability consultancy founder and CEO +10 years of experience in sales and marketing communications in various industries.

Meliina Räty COO/ Co-Founder

15 years of experience and practical knowhow in the dynamic fintech industry, developing complete customer lifecycles and building efficient and scalable operations from scratch in several markets. Co-founded Income Marketplace, an alternative investment platform.


Interested in Investing?

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