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How PIHKA Collection achieved rapid growth with Prönö

Are you facing rapid growth or seeking it out? In either case, the knowledge and guidance from experienced professionals can be a game-changer. ☝️💡 This was certainly the case for PIHKA Collection, a fast-growing Finnish design company that has experienced significant growth in recent years. Despite

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Advisor Spotlight: HR advisor Hanna Kontinen

Have you ever thought about becoming an HR advisor? Read Hanna Kontinen’s story of how she became an advisor – and why you should follow her lead and embark on your own HR Advisor journey on Prönö. As an advisor, Hanna Kontinen is an expert

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Case – Mesenaatti in the Crossroads

Sometimes, you need to pause and ask for advice in order to see the way forward. This is what Mesenaatti did when they found themselves at a crossroads. In the last seven years, they had grown to become one of the leading crowdfunding platforms in

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Case – Audicin

Case – Audicin Audicin, a SLUSH 100 top and rewarded startup, is building an audio service to improve wellbeing while working. Their solution has already been noticed in the Slush and Female Founder pitching competition. As a brand new startup they wanted to start building

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Kukaco built their advisory board on Prönö

Melissa Kujanpää & Kukaco are on a mission to bring textile production back to Finland. After hearing about the opportunity to find advisors on Prönö, Melissa wanted to set the wheels in motion. Now KUKACO has found the advisors they needed to support their mission.

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