Advisor Spotlight: Antti Isokangas, Media and Communications Advisor Extraordinaire

Are you thinking of becoming an advisor? Read why Communications and Media Advisor Antti Isokangas is an advisor and what advisory sessions he has done on Prönö Advisory Platform. 

Antti is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in consulting, strategy, corporate communications, and the media. He is also a published author, a sought-after speaker, and an advisor on Prönö. 

As an independent consultant, writer, and speaker, Antti specializes in strategy and sustainability communications, doing both direct client work and working with larger consultancies. He is especially experienced in thought leadership issues and has decades of experience building effective strategies. 

With a strong background in working with top leaders in large companies, Antti is also deeply passionate about helping impact startups and scaleups achieve their communications and sustainability goals. 

On the Prönö Advisory platform, he has advised several early-stage startups needing an outsider view of strategic communications.

Every session has been fascinating and has involved some exciting business ideas and equally interesting people,” Antti states.

Maximize Your Potential as an Advisor

There are several benefits to working as an advisor. Many of the advisors on the Prönö platform are there because they genuinely want to help build a better world by sharing their knowledge and learning simultaneously. 

Antti has similar reasons: I work as an advisor in Prönö because it allows me to use what I know, bounce ideas off some fascinating people, and at the same time, learn new things myself.” 

Advisors on the platform can find new opportunities with different companies and industries, expanding their professional horizons. 

Advisors on the platform can monetize their expertise by offering paid sessions and packages to both individuals and companies. Additionally, advisors can participate in Prönö’s corporate package offerings, further leveraging their knowledge and skills.

Make a Difference as an Advisor

Being an advisor offers the unique opportunity to advance one’s career, give back to society, and support the professional growth of others. This aligns perfectly with Antti’s professional focus on sustainability and communications. 

On Prönö, advisors can connect with companies whose values and goals align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and offer their expertise accordingly.

Read more about becoming an advisor here.

Are you ready to become an advisor on the Prönö platform?

Prönö is the platform for advisors looking to connect with companies and showcase their expertise. The platform handles all transactions, including booking sessions and providing an online video platform, streamlining the process for both advisors and clients. 

The sessions on Prönö have been easy to arrange and have worked smoothly without any technical glitches.” Antti explains. 

In addition, it is free to register and provides a convenient and efficient way for advisors to monetize their expertise while making valuable connections. 

Join Prönö now and take your advising career to the next level.


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