Kukaco built their advisory board on Prönö

Melissa Kujanpää & Kukaco are on a mission to bring textile production back to Finland. After hearing about the opportunity to find advisors on Prönö, Melissa wanted to set the wheels in motion. Now KUKACO has found the advisors they needed to support their mission. And this is how she made it all happen!

KUKACO is a brand-new textile company headed by the passionate entrepreneurs Melissa Kujanpää and Samu Rantakokko, who are ready to make history in fashion. 

We want to extensively reshore textile production to Finland! At this moment there is no reason why this couldn’t happen. The added value would be much higher than the production costs”, Kujanpää starts.

KUKACO is a brand-new sustainable B2B clothing company from Finland. They produce high-quality sustainable clothes that are designed and handmade under your company’s own brand. Responsibility is at the core of everything they do, from materials and packaging to design, production and every little detail. And that’s why KUKACO is a perfect choice for people who want to support Finnish handicraft, entrepreneurship and better choices.

My personal goal is to make it easier to establish responsible clothing brands. And it’s not only about us. We want to help other entrepreneurs produce their textiles in Finland as well – that’s why we are building a factory that any brand can utilize. And with KUKACO we give every company a responsible solution for their company t-shirts.” Kujanpää summarizes.

Now this amazing new company has built their advisory board on Prönö to take their business to the next level.

What made you interested in bringing advisors on board?

Melissa has wide expertise in the sustainable textile field. She already has established two companies in this area. But when she realized she could get help from professionals in different fields to grow her business faster, she didn’t hesitate for a moment.

When someone has years of experience in an area, that is something I could never accomplish by myself. I could never learn as much as they have experienced in their past as professionals”, Melissa Kujanpää, CEO & Co-Founder of Kukaco, explains, and she continues.

Kukaco was at a point where we needed help with marketing & finance. We wanted help in the long-run to build a strategy to achieve our mission to make responsibility the new normal instead of it being a rare and unusual commodity.”

When I heard about Advisory Boards for the first time I was truly excited about the idea – excited about how our company, Kukaco, could take advantage of so-called swarm intelligence and get people along with experience in different areas.

I knew that I wanted to build an Advisory Board to take my business forward much faster!

Kukaco has now found two new advisors and even more might be joining them.

“I had just one word: WOW.”

“That’s how I felt when I saw that there were almost 60 high-level professionals interested in joining our advisory board. The only challenge was making final selections.” 

Having found their two new advisors, Melissa and Kukaco are closer than ever to their mission to make history in the fashion industry. And now they have two remarkable new perspectives to help make it happen! When years of experience from other professionals are combined with a vision, a company can take those big leaps forward faster than they thought possible. All the best for KUKACO!

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