Kalle Rosenberg got help with marketing through advisory sessions

Picture this. You work in a field that demands unique perspectives, and finding talents who understand your situation is a real pain. Is that scenario your reality? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Kalle Rosenberg, co-founder of Soil of Beauty, was struggling to find professionals with an understanding of the narrow niche of premium natural cosmetics. Yet, he knew that in order to move forward, he would need to find experts with the latest relevant knowledge and a strong background in the market.  

His experience had taught him that finding the right people can be time consuming and ultimately hit or miss. Kalle was wary of the process and its many frustrations that can hinder the development of a business. But when he discovered a service that claimed it could help him find talents almost effortlessly, he knew he had to give it a chance, even if he was a little skeptical.  

Find out how Prönö Knowledge-as-a-service was able to surprise Kalle and dispel his doubts. 

Matching made easy

Anyone with a need to market and raise awareness of their companies knows that it is pretty easy to find professionals for marketing purposes. But finding the right ones is a real challenge. This was the challenge Kalle had faced: “I wasn’t sure who or what exactly I was looking for, and it felt a little overwhelming to try and search for professionals through traditional methods like Google and such.”

“Prönö appeared at the perfect time.” After a short discussion Kalle understood that Prönö could be an answer to his present challenge. “I would be able to reach several professionals within a few days, and I would not have to do anything else other than give a short description of what I am looking for.”

Kalle continues: “It was all easy with Prönö. They knew who could help me and booked the sessions for me. I got several perspectives from three advisors within just a couple of days. I didn’t know this was even possible. I was able to connect with professionals with ease.

“I got a chance to meet with top-level professionals who most likely do this as a side job alongside their own work.”

Soil of Beauty

Professionals with knowledge in a niche market

“Premium natural skincare is a relatively narrow niche market, which can make it difficult to fully comprehend. That’s why I was completely surprised that all of the professionals I had a meeting with had valuable insight into relevant topics.”

For the first time I had a feeling that finding the right people would actually be possible! Even if I had my suspicions of the service and that I could give the keys to someone else to find connections for me, I was very positively surprised that Prönö exceeded my expectations.” 

“While the candidates I spoke with had varied business experiences, they all shared values that aligned with our own. This alignment is not just important for a company like Soil of Beauty; it’s absolutely essential!” Kalle received new ideas for marketing and how to improve their marketing approach through conversations with professionals who truly understood the brand and business. These sessions provided him with valuable knowledge on marketing tactics, industry trends, and products, giving him a deeper understanding of what steps to take next.

Soil of Beauty

Value-matching with professionals

Kalle had a very positive experience with Prönö. He was able to find professionals who shared his passion for ethical and sustainable business practices, and he appreciated the care they showed in helping his business succeed.

“I really felt like Prönö can be a way we connect and cooperate in the years to come. Not only did it help to save money and time, but even more importantly to connect with professionals who really cared about helping our business succeed and grow through their expertise,” said Kalle.

Thanks to Prönö’s unique ability to match business needs with the right professionals, Kalle was able to save time and effort. With Prönö’s guidance, he found a way to completely rethink Soil of Beauty’s marketing strategy in a way that he wouldn’t have been able to on his own.

Soil of Beauty

We know who can help you!

With Prönö’s advisor sessions, you can receive valuable insights and guidance for your business strategy or specific needs. Why waste time scrolling through unreliable search results when you can trust Prönö to connect you with the right professionals to help grow your business?

Are you struggling to find the right experts for your business? Prönö’s Knowledge-as-a-Service can connect you with top-notch professionals who truly care about your business and aren’t likely to be found through Google or social media searches.

Experience the difference for yourself by trying Prönö today. 


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