How PIHKA Collection achieved rapid growth with Prönö

Are you facing rapid growth or seeking it out? In either case, the knowledge and guidance from experienced professionals can be a game-changer. ☝️💡

This was certainly the case for PIHKA Collection, a fast-growing Finnish design company that has experienced significant growth in recent years. Despite having an effective small team, they recognized the importance of seeking outside expertise to continue their success.

With Prönö, PIHKA Collection has never been alone when facing new challenges. They have always had easy access to meet someone who can help them.

PIHKA Collection

Flexible and Diverse Expertise

When resources are limited, tough choices must be made. Committing to one service provider may pop up questions. What if the collaboration doesn’t work out? What if I need something else next week? 

With Prönö’s flexible approach, you can easily find and meet the specific professionals that can help you with your need at that time. You have the option to meet again, whether it’s tomorrow or next month. And if you need more perspectives, you can easily meet someone else.

 Efficient and agile – that’s how I see Prönö works. Whenever we need help, we just share our need, select the suitable experts and meet them online. With our small team, we can focus on developing our business instead of searching for help and managing schedules.

It’s definitely money well spent!”

– Sofia Salmi, PIHKA collection

Here are some examples of the help that PIHKA has received:

Help with go-to-market strategy

“Our goal is to continue our growth, especially by expanding into foreign markets. We didn’t have experience on how to start. Through Prönö, we have met with several go-to-market experts who have provided us with valuable information on target markets, avenues for expansion, and general broad-based insights on how to start exporting.” 

Preparations for Investment round

“We also received help in preparing for our investment round. We were able to tap into the expertise of both advisory board members and investment specialists found through Prönö. The meetings helped us tailor our pitch deck to include all the necessary information investors are looking for, and we gained insights on the types of investors we should target.”

Thanks to Prönö we are well-prepared for investment round and to start exporting! We will definitely need more help in the future and can’t imagine where else to do it as easily as it can be done with Prönö-Sofia Salmi

PIHKA collection

Name your need – Meet the right professional

The diverse group of experts has surprised us! We would not have been able to reach and meet such a broad range of professionals anywhere else.” – Sofia Salmi

With over 3000 professionals, Prönö offers a vast pool of expertise. These professionals have accumulated years of experience and are ready to share their knowledge with companies.

And when it comes to specific challenges, like export strategy, AI, marketing or sales strategy (you name it!), we have a network of professionals ready to share their expertise. With Prönö, you can rest assured that you’re getting top-notch expertise and support.

We can help you as we did with PIHKA!

There are experts who can also make you grow faster. Share your needs, meet the professionals and accelerate your growth. 

Do you want to grow your company quickly and flexibly? At Prönö, we can find top-notch experts to meet your needs. Book a meeting with us, and we are ready to start!


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