Case LAAVU – Prönö offers an entirely fresh way to access knowledge.

As an entrepreneur, finding the right expertise can be challenging. Your network and contacts may have knowledge, but they may lack the time or specific skills to help. Founders of LAAVU, Rami and Salla found a more efficient solution by joining Prönö’s summer X program, and getting access to Prönö’s 3000+ experts. Read on to see how they made the most of this “wall of expertise”.

LAAVU provides psychological coaching and has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Growing business, expanding teams, and addressing new needs require continuous learning, skill development, and quick solutions. LAAVU’s passionate entrepreneurs decided to utilise external knowledge and search for suitable experts from Prönö to ensure they make the right decisions on their growth journey.

“We began our journey with the Prönö program, initially focusing on strategy development. However, as we delved into it, we discovered that the platform provided not just strategy experts, but also technology professionals and entrepreneurs who had created their own software. The adaptable model allowed us to find the experts we required to address any of our current needs” said Rami Ibrahim, Co-Founder of Laavu.

Impressed by the high quality of professionals on the platform

“We were new to Prönö, but we held a hypothesis that we would discover experts from diverse backgrounds – and we did! What truly amazed us was the quality of the people on the platform. There were many entrepreneurs who had built their own businesses and were able to honestly share their experiences. We didn’t get the feeling that they were just trying to sell us something; their genuine goal was to help.”

Here’s how we selected the experts we wanted to have sessions with:

  • We picked other entrepreneurs for broader discussions in business.
  • We focused on professionals who had developed their own software and could provide honest feedback to assist us in our decision-making process.
  • It was crucial to schedule as many meetings as possible to establish common themes and identify similarities across various discussions.

We got a lot of value! I absolutely recommend Prönö to other entrepreneurs and their teams.

“The expectation was that we might not find that many professionals that could help us, but the number of interested individuals was surprising. We could have invested more time to connect with them. I believe there is untapped value on Prönö that we should leverage.

We already met various experts in 50-minute sessions, and in these sessions, we truly saw immense value. We realised that we could get help for very specific questions as well as for broader strategic challenges.

Prönö offers a completely new way to seek support and expertise. I’m glad to see a platform where you can simply log in, and there are thousands of experts ready to assist. I believe this is unquestionably the modern way for everyone to easily seek help and, even better, receive answers.

As an entrepreneur, it’s wise to prepare for the fact that there won’t be time for everything, but assistance is available. Personally, there’s a strong sense that there’s still a lot left untapped on the platform.

I absolutely recommend Prönö to other entrepreneurs and their teams who are grappling with their own questions. Prönö offers a unique opportunity, like a wall of expertise, where you can readily access external knowledge. In the future, we will certainly extend the use of Prönö to our team members, seeking support in areas such as marketing, sales or any aspect of our business.”

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You can enroll in Prönö Leadership Programs covering topics like AI, Growth Hacking, Strategy, or Leadership. Alternatively, for even greater flexibility, you can simply get access to advisors who are ready spar with you and begin exploring experts on your own terms.

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