Decade of Action: Accelerating Sustainability for SMEs through Prönö Platform

When it comes to sustainability and helping businesses be responsible, every moment matters. Meet Anna Helaniemi and Petri Vilén, the driving force behind Decade of Action. Fueled by a desire to make a real impact, they chose the quick and easy way of connecting with various sustainability experts – to speed up their company’s journey to success.

The quick route to knowledge

“At Decade of Action, our vision is to create an ESG assessment and reporting platform tailored for SMEs. While we have experience in business and platform development, we craved more nuanced insights from sustainability professionals.

We joined Prönö’s summer program to find the expertise we needed. Our main goal was to connect with sustainability experts, especially those who get what small businesses go through. Specifically, we wanted feedback on our ESG assessment tool from experts in sustainability reporting.”
– Anna Helaniemi, Co-Founder, Decade of Action

Diverse Expertise – all in one platform

Decade of Action caught the attention of platform experts, with many willing to help with their new responsible service. They found multiple top professionals in sustainability who were willing to help.

Engaging with both specialized sustainability experts and generalists proved invaluable. Specialized experts were adept at identifying any crucial elements missing from our work or providing specific knowledge. Meanwhile, sustainability generalists offered a comprehensive overview of our project.

Sparring with any sustainability expert in 1-to-1 sessions

“As it turned out, Prönö provided the ideal platform for our needs. We were able to meet all the professionals online. During 50-minute sessions, all of them were eager to dedicate their time to spar with us about our new service, engaging in one-on-one meetings on topics of our choice.

The cool thing was finding all of them on just one platform, making finding, meetings and scheduling super easy.” Helaniemi continues.

>> Find sparring partners on Prönö <<

In just three months, Decade of Action received answers to their questions from the best in the industry. Encouraged by the positive feedback, they are now moving forward with their plans. Prönö provided a space where they could easily meet and chat with as many experts as they wanted.

Decade of Action’s commitment to sticking with Prönö, stems from the consistently helpful expertise not only in the early stages but also as they continue to grow. They believe Prönö houses top-notch talent, crucial for their ongoing success as their need for different experts evolves.

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