Prönö story: “We found our excellent new board member on Prönö”

Kalustoratkaisut Ltd. was in a transition phase – the business was ready to spread its wings. They were preparing to find a new, external member for their board. The new situation encouraged them to find a modern and humane way to search for someone who matches their values and future needs. They chose to conduct their board member search through Prönö, specifically because its community includes a diverse range of board professionals. 

Kalustoratkaisut Ltd is a Finnish company that offers equipment leasing solutions. In the last three years turnover has grown by more than 30% every year, reaching over 17 million euros in 2020. The company has focused on a strategy of controlled growth that has enabled their continuous expansion. 

To build on their successes last year, they wanted to develop their board further. In particularly, they wanted to invest some time in finding more competence and experience for their board. Because there had never been any external members on the Kalustoratkaisut Ltd board. They wanted to find an agile and easy way to search for a new potential member and preferably among professionals completely outside their own networks. 

Over the years, Kalustoratkaisut grew quickly because the business was built to be scalable. They knew the foundation was stable. “We realized that it was time to take the next step – and find a board member with whom we can build our future together”, says Mireka Caselius, Board Member and Partner via 5K-Invest, family investment company.

They made a brave decision to incorporate new ideas, expertise and views from outside their company. They were ready to let someone into their decision-making process – someone from outside their current networks and with totally new ideas and expertise. 

How they found their new Board Member on Prönö

“We heard that it is possible to search for potential board members on Prönö. We decided to try. We made an extensive application for the platform. We didn’t want to be too strict about what we were looking for, we wanted to find out what kind of candidates there might be. But what we especially wanted was an experienced professional with a broad background in business. And that’s what we found!” says Timo Peltonen, CEO of Kalustoratkaisut

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Within a few days, many potential board candidates on Prönö showed their interest in becoming the next Kalustoratkaisut board member.

“We didn’t want to search for our first external board member in the old, expensive and difficult way. We wanted an agile and easy way to find all those who are interested in becoming part of our board. Now we can confirm that Prönö was the modern way!”

“We were particularly delighted by how high-level and skilled the professionals who approached us were. It was hard to make a decision among them. But we are happy to say we found someone who perfectly fits our board and our company values”, Peltonen continues. 

“The main goal of the board member search was to find someone who brings a lot of value to our board. Jukka Walliander was a perfect match, and he brings in-depth insights to our strategy, marketing, sales and human resources”, Caselius adds.

Want to find the next board or advisory boar member? Contact us!
There are already more than 1000+ professionals interested in finding a new board position.

Kalustoratkaisut recommends trying new ways in the modern world. 

“First of all, we recommend being brave! Try new ways of doing things. Board member searches do not need to be old-fashioned, slow and expensive processes. We tried a modern way, and the result is better than we could ever have imagined. The whole process was easy and agile, and we found many potential new candidates in less than two weeks”, Peltonen sums up the successful process. 

This is how Prönö can help your organization to find your next board member.

There are already more than a thousand professionals interested in finding their next board position. These professionals are from 40+ fields, with expertise in strategy & leadership, sustainability, sales, and entrepreneurship just to name a few areas. 

But you don’t have to be actively searching for new advisors or board members in order to bring your organization to the platform and find out who might be interested in helping you. Maybe you’ll even find someone who eventually becomes part of your board. 

Start the search for your next board member on Prönö. Create an organization profile for free and we will help you to find the perfect match! Or get in touch with us.

What is Kalustoratkaisut?

Kalustoratkaisut Ltd is full-service leasing company, whose basic pillars are a customer-oriented problem-solving ability based on experience and expertise and an operating model aimed at genuine partnerships. Their leasing service always provides companies an intelligent equipment solution – a strategic and important service package that increases competitiveness, and not just as another operating expense. They have extensive experience with a variety of clients and industries that have helped them develop hands-on problem-solving capabilities. The company goal is always to create a needs-based operating model, tailored to each customer, which aims at satisfactory, sustainable cooperation for all parties.


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