Prönö story: Jukka Walliander got the board position virtually

Have you dreamt about finding a new board position? So did Jukka Walliander, but now he can mark that case closed. He found a potential board position search on Prönö, applied and was selected as a board member. But how did all this happen? And how were humanity and clarity the keys to this board position match. 

“I thought I might have something to share regarding my background and experiences.”

Jukka Walliander had been thinking for a while that a board position would be an interesting next step in his career. Walliander is a multi-talent with 30+ years of experience in various areas of business. He has worked as a partner in an advertising agency, as an entrepreneur in sales development and as a CEO of a private equity company. He also has experience as an entrepreneur in Human resources and recruiting consulting. 

“What interested me in board work was that I could focus on one company’s long-term success, strategic plans and goals. From my previous experiences as a consultant, entrepreneur and leader, I want to share best practices and learnings through my new board position with the board, owners and management.”  

Jukka Walliander has been selected as a new board member of Kalustoratkaisut Ltd. Prönö congratulates both parties! Read more about Kalustoratkaisut and how they found Jukka through Prönö.

What did I do to start finding my very first board position?

“Finding the first board position can be hard. But if you are active and hard-working, it is possible for everyone. Sometimes it tests patience and might need a hint of luck, but there are many ways to start. 

“I was ready to put myself in the game, ready to take action to find a new board position. To get my first boost I applied for a Finnish course for board members (Approved board member course (HHJ in Finnish) organized by the Chamber of Commerce). I wanted to learn more about board work, and of course, this increased my credibility when looking for a new board position. Now I can say it was worth it.”

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This is how I got my board position on Prönö

“I knew about board position opportunities on Prönö. On the platform I found something interesting: Kalustoratkaisut Ltd. was looking for a new member for their board. I did some research and decided to act, contact them and show my interest in joining their board.

”Fortunately, they found my expertise and background interesting, and I got the chance to meet them. I was surprised by how smooth the whole process was! And the whole process has been virtual. We will meet physically for the first time with the board in August. This shows that there is truly a new and modern way to build boards with technology. 

“On Prönö, not even board position matches have to be old-fashioned, formal and slow. In the place where true needs and experts come together, things can happen surprisingly quickly. I’ve been amazed! 

For me, it is important that I enjoy working with people I have around me.

“What impressed me at the first sight was the humanity. The formalities were gone. First it happened on the platform – then in meetings with Kalustoratkaisut. They truly wanted to meet me as a person. Of course they were interested to know more about my background and expertise, but also about how I work as a team member, what my values are and how our personal chemistries meet. 

“For me, it is important that I enjoy working with people I have around me. From first sight, I felt that we would be a great team with Kalustoratkaisut. I’m looking forward to working with these smart, respectful people with whom we can talk constructively and challenge others to do our best. And as a result, we can direct the company together in the desired direction.”

“I’m honored they found me as a suitable new member of their board, and I’m looking forward to doing my best as a new board member of Kalustoratkaisut!”

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Who’s Jukka Walliander?

Jukka Walliander has worked as a management consultant for more than 10 years and before that as a CEO of a venture capital-driven company, so there have been enough challenges for him to solve in almost all possible areas of business along the way.

Jukka has gained experience in the fields of sales, marketing, business development and HR. His special expertise is the implementation of corporate strategy with the help of staff.

See Jukka’s public profile on Prönö: https://app.prono.fi/p/jukka-walliander

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