Prönö is 100% risk-free

Prönö is a new way to find the expertise you need. We understand that when trying something new, you might be wondering if it’s any good. But we, and hundreds of companies, already know. You can now start using Prönö 100% risk-free.

Here’s how we are making sure that you get what you sign up for:

7-day money-back Guarantee 

When adding credits to your account or purchasing access to one of our Professional Groups, you have one week to see if we have the professionals you need. If you don’t find one single professional who would meet the criteria you have set, you will get your money back. The same guarantee applies to purchasing access to specific professional groups like Board members, Advisory Board members or Mentors. If you cannot find a single professional that would like to meet, you will get your money back. 

15-Minute opt-out Rule

To make sure there is a mutual commitment to achieving the goals of your session and to make sure the quality of our service meets your needs, all meetings booked from the marketplace are subject to a transparent fee. When meeting new people for the 1st time, you can quite soon see if there is a fit or not. That is why either party can end the meeting early if it is apparent that you are not the right match for each other. End the meeting within 15 minutes after the start and your credits will be refunded, and the advisor will not be compensated. You can also end the free sessions early, but no refunds obviously apply in this case.

Customer Success team is here for you

When using Prönö, you always have our dedicated Customer Success team helping you. We can see behind the filters and deep dive into the profiles of the professionals you are looking for, or do different types of campaigns to see who is the right fit for you. You can always reach us at info@prono.fi or via chat on our platform, if there’s any help you need when making the most of our platform and service.  


So thousands of professionals are available and waiting for you on the platform, it’s completely risk-free to get started and our customer success is ready to help you right now. What are you still waiting for? Purchase the access you want or meet with us to find out what is the right fit for you. 


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