One profile – customized availability

On Prönö you only need one profile to be available for multiple opportunities and roles. By selecting the opportunities you wish to receive, you can make the profile just the way you want, for free. Let’s look a bit closer.

You profile determines your availability

Business knowledge comes in many shapes and forms. With your Prönö profile you can easily manage your availability by selecting the opportunities you are interested in and thus available for. You automatically become available, visible and bookable for all opportunities you want, except for interim roles and new job opportunities. 

Here are the different roles listed:

Board Members & Advisory Board member roles

On Prönö companies can purchase access to the pool of Board Member Candidates or Advisory Board member candidates with a simple entry fee. If you would like to be found when companies are looking for their next board member or advisory board member, all you need to do is create or update your profile, and you are automatically visible. Now companies can book interview sessions with you to discuss potential board positions. 

Business opportunities

If you are interested in offering your services, speaking or coaching to companies on Prönö, you can add any of the previously mentioned offerings to your profile, and you can be found. Companies can book advisory sessions with you, and you will be compensated based on the pricing and payment methods you have added to your profile. Companies can also request an offer for Speaking or other interesting projects.

Mentoring and sparring

If you are looking to become a mentor or find startups you can have sparring sessions with, simply add these offerings into your profile. Companies and individuals can purchase access to the Mentoring Pool with only 49€ / month and book an unlimited number of sessions with the mentors they see fit.

Sparring is limited for idea-stage and early-stage startups only. These companies might not have the the possibility to pay you for their services in the short run, but they can give you a lot of inspiration, energy and perspective for your daily routines. And most importantly, you can share them a lot of knowledge they need. 

Mentoring and sparring sessions are free of charge, so you will not be compensated.

Job Opportunities & Interim Roles

If you are looking for the next step in your career, you can simply add new Job Opportunities or Interim Roles to your profile. These are the only types of opportunities that customers are not able to see on the platform, so there’s no risk of you possible current employer finding out you are in the hunt for something new. But we know to contact you when the opportunities arise. 

So, who can see my profile? 

Your profile, and specifically the things you have selected you are available for, automatically update your visibility on the platform. You are automatically visible and available for all the services you are offering (except job opportunities), and you are not visible for the opportunities you are not available for. Simple, right?

Your profile will not be visible to other professionals who are offering their services and vice versa, you will not be able to see them. However, you will be able to see all the companies on the platform, and even add yourself to their Company pools, just like you would be approaching them outside of the platform. 

If you are fully booked and are simply not available for any assignments for now, you can simply remove all your offerings and you will no longer be found, until you update your availability. It’s that simple. 

Pricing and payments

Creating your profile in Prönö is free and you will not have any monthly fees either. If you are offering services, coaching, or speaking, you can select the pricing level that suits your needs, and you will be compensated for every session that is booked and organized on our platform. If you get a request for an offer and end up being chosen for a project, we are entitled for a 20% service fee of the total project fee. In order to receive any payments and even be available for paid opportunities, you need to have a Company ID and payment details added to your profile.

Note, if you have selected both free and paid services to your profile, for example, Coaching and Sparring, you can receive both types of session requests, but will only be compensated for the coaching session. And if you add yourself to the company pools of the companies on our platform, you are ready to have the 1st introductory session for free.

How to take your profile to the next level?

If you’re not on Prönö, you might be missing out. Being available on the platform is obviously the 1st step, but updating your profile to have the right keywords, achievements and expertise areas is crucial. Luckily we can help you with that as well. After adding your CV from Linkedin, you can easily add all the necessary details with AI assisting you. AI will soon be in charge of the matching as well, so you might want to take the hints provided by our AI assistant. Read more…

Go and update your profile to be found or create one if you are not already on the Prönö Platform.


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