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Entrepreneurship is often a solitary journey. Navigating with a significant and meaningful vision alone, advice from experienced individuals can fortify self-confidence and aid in making the right decisions at crucial junctures.

Aleksi Akpaso, the entrepreneur steering Infradreams towards enhancing infrastructure in developing countries, shares his transformative story. In Prönö, he encountered experts who not only reinforced his desire to pursue his dream but also provided concrete advice, resulting in tangible outcomes.

Recognizing the multitude of experts on Prönö, easily accessible on one platform, I saw the value in this approach. It was a helpful idea, considering the diverse areas in business for which I needed advice. The ease of finding all experts on one platform led me to give it a try.

Upon joining Prönö, I juggled multiple tasks and sought guidance in various areas:

  1. Investment Readiness:
    The project required transformation into an investment-worthy endeavor, necessitating insights on meeting essential criteria from an investor’s perspective.
  2. Strategic Advisors and Mentoring:
    Seeking advice and mentorship to implement a broader vision, our goal was to streamline processes for efficient operations in Nigeria.

I met with various experts, discussing different themes.

“When I saw all the professionals on the platform, I was impressed. So, I started booking sessions with people who knew about investing and pitch decks.

They gave me practical tips for our pitch deck and getting ready for investor meetings. After these sessions, I felt much more confident. We actually got the funding we needed and can now invest in machinery. I’m now ready to head to Nigeria, and our business is set to start. It’s exciting to finally put our plans into action on-site after a long time of preparation.

I also talked with pros who had experience in global markets, especially in Africa. And with those who knew about legal stuff in cases like ours and had experience in production. Whatever I needed, I found someone with the right background to give me advice.”

“When you hear from a more experienced expert that the right things have been done here, and the concept is well-built, it gives you a lot of self-confidence and drive to continue.”
– Aleksi Akpaso, CEO & Founder, Infradreams –

Finding knowledge made easy!

“Prönö makes it simple. They’ve created a platform with thousands of experienced experts ready to share their knowledge. What could be an easier way to get help?

The number of experts is big, and it’s easy to find the ones specialized in the areas you need. Using the platform, communication and meetings are a breeze.

Big thanks to all the mentors! We’re really happy with what Prönö and the mentors have given us. We’ll definitely keep using experts because it’s so easy to come back to the platform and find the right person whenever we need help with something specific.”

Are you seeking feedback on your pitch deck or guidance on initiating your go-to-market plan?
Get access to Prönö! Choose from a pool of experienced professionals to find the one that suits your needs best. Connect online to ask questions, receive feedback, and learn best practices.

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