The Untold Stories of Women in Tech in Finland: Key Takeaways from the Panel Discussion

In celebration of WomenInTech month, an enlightening panel discussion took place on June 21, 2023, which showcased the remarkable journeys and insights of women in the Finnish tech industry; Kia Lampi (Founder & CPO of Sisko), Kaisa Savola (Founder & CEO of Talbit), and Helene Auramo, our CEO & Co-Founder

Hanken Business Lab community manager Magret Jokela moderated this exciting panel Community Manager at Hanken Business Lab. Let us jump into this panel and give you a front seat to the conversations facilitating growth.

Embracing Change and overcoming challenges:

Packing fifteen years of serial entrepreneurship in the startup ecosystem on her shoulders, Helene Auramo, CEO & Co-Founder of Prönö, shares her experiences and sheds light on the significant changes and challenges she has witnessed.

Initially, she faced a lack of role models and support for female founders making her entrepreneurial journey lonely. Helene emphasizes the growing community of women and role models in tech and the new possibilities generated by AI in Finland. She highlights the trend of sustainable startups, a promising trend in the industry.

Empowering Women by challenging stereotypes:

The panel debunked some common myths female founders face in the tech industry, a weightless myth that women-led startups are less successful, and the need for a male CTO. Our panelists emphasize the hard work and dedication of starting a startup company and the importance of supporting one another. 

Strategies for Success and the unique challenges:

While building their startups as women in the tech industry, using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and a strong will helped them overcome challenges and weekly obstacles. They also emphasized the importance of balancing their professional and personal responsibilities. 

Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Environment:

Our panelists emphasize the need for kindness, respect, and assistance from investors and the community to foster an inclusive and supportive tech industry for women. The importance of mentorship and the personal stories shared by mentors significantly impacted their entrepreneurial journeys.

Additionally, the panelists discussed initiatives such as government funding, events, mentoring programs, and platforms just like Prönö designed to empower and uplift women in tech.

Harnessing Women’s Unique Perspectives and Expertise:

The panelists emphasized the value women bring to the tech industry through their unique perspectives and expertise. Their emphasis on values, empathy, and the drive to make a positive impact, demonstrates how diversity drives innovation and towards building successful startups.

Let us celebrate and continue supporting the remarkable women shaping the future of technology.

Remember, it’s not just about equality; it’s about embracing diversity to create a strong and more innovative world.

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