Crab looking for investors

Cure for Cancer – CRB looking for investors

Cancer Research and Biotechnology AG (CRB) is a Swiss preclinical-stage oncology company focusing on mitochondrial healing. They develop small-molecule drugs to reverse the carcinogenic mitochondrial dysfunctions that cause cancer.

In other words – they are developing a new causal cure for cancer.

Today, cancer treatments are based on killing or removing cancer cells. Most cancer drugs are highly toxic and carcinogenic, with severe side effects. CRAB has been able to reduce cancer cell viability with an innovative non-toxic drug candidate. CRAB’s solution could potentially revert the underlying disease that causes cancer, with millions of cancer patients benefitting. 

They have a roadmap to make this innovative drug available for humans and they are inviting investors to join their journey.  The expected roadmap from today to first in human and business/asset acquisition can be as low as 18 months.

This is your last chance as an angel or private investor to get in.

Investment round


Minimum Ticket Size: 50.000 €
Round Size: This is a convertible round with an option & discount for Series A
Last call for Angel Investors. Download Pitch Deck below for more details. 


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