Prönö: Top coaching platform for employee development

At Prönö, our vision was clear from the beginning: We wanted to create a platform that would be nothing the best for the professionals who drive our industries – the coaches and expert advisors. Understanding the unique needs, challenges, and aspirations of these professionals, we designed Prönö to cater to their comprehensive requirements. Here’s how our platform stands out for organizations looking for coaching services:

Tailored Coaching Levels:

We recognize that professionals come with varied expertise, in coaching world like ACC, MCC, PCC, and other backgrounds. Prönö offers the flexibility to set and showcase these specializations, allowing coaches to attract clientele best aligned with their expertise. Many of the customers already know what level of coaching they need, but in case they need assitanse in that, we are here to help.

Empowering Employees with Credits System:

We believe professionals should have the freedom to drive their coaching journey and choose the coaches they want to work with. With Prönö’s unique credits system, everyone has the freedom to choose from all the coaches, or the coaches the company has decided to use.

Fair Pricing for Coaches:

The expertise of coaches deserves fair compensation. At Prönö, professionals can set their rates, ensuring they are remunerated in line with their experience, specialization, and the market’s demand. Many coaching platforms decide the prices by themselves and take a big cut of the price for the platform.

AI-Driven Matchmaking:

Our state-of-the-art AI ensures that professionals are paired with clients who genuinely align with their expertise, coaching methodologies and many other aspects. This leads to more fruitful engagements and long-term relationships.

All-In-One Integrated Toolkit:

Efficiency is the key. Prönö’s suite of tools ensures that professionals can manage their bookings, conduct sessions, and gather feedback without the need to juggle multiple apps or platforms.

Transparent and Streamlined Payments:

Financial clarity is important to us. With our straightforward credit system, professionals can easily track earnings and ensure timely remuneration after each session.

Holistic Development Opportunities:

Prönö believes in all-rounded growth. By integrating features that touch on various aspects of professional development, from core business strategies to health and well-being, we provide professionals with a platform to both offer and receive holistic growth opportunities.

Buying Services with Known Coaches:

Prönö allows companies to bring their own recommended coaches to the platform. If a coach has been good, why to limit they joining the platform. Unfortunately many coaching platforms do.

If you got interested in our platform for your company, book a meeting with us.


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