Audicin looking for investors

Audicin offers an easy-to-use, AI-powered method to reduce stress and improve performance during the workday via audio stimulation. They are now looking for investors to build their own platform after piloting successfully with paying enterprise and B2C.

Audicin, a winner of Female Founder Pitching competition and SLUSH top 100 startup, is building an audio medicine service that enables people to recharge while they are working.

Audicin offers an effective and easy-to-use solution for every professional who wants to overcome stress-related challenges and perform better. Its personalized and AI-powered method decreases stress and boosts recovery effectively during the workday by simply applying the right kind of audio stimulation. It has been designed for busy knowledge workers and it stands out from competitors by freeing the user from taking any active actions such as recovery breaks, breathing exercises or mindfulness.

The use of Audicin has yielded a great result for customers, leading to a 49% improvement in their wellbeing in a short period of time, and a 400% improvement in key performance indicators.

They are now looking for investors for building their own platform after piloting successfully with paying enterprise and B2C customers.

Mission: To provide the best science-driven engineered audio to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Investment round


Round Size: 300.000 €

Minimum Ticket Size: 10.000 €

Ideal Investor Profile: Interest in helping solve problem with workplace wellbeing. Pluses relevant knowledge in health tech, wellbeing, digital product or B2B sales.

The founders behind Audicin

CEO & Founder Laura Avonius

Entrepreneur with +20 years experience on successfully creating, launching and managing international digital products and businesses. She has experience on leading software development teams and commercialization of digital products. She has worked previously as a director at Nokia product owner, CDO and leadership team member at Aller Media and IT consultant through her own company. Also an award-winning composer. 

Dr. Victoria Williamson
Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Music psychology expert with 15 years of academic experience and training in empirical psychology, research design and statistics and neuroscience.

Victoria has published over 30
articles in peer reviewed journals on topics as diverse as musical memory, musical brain function, earworms, as well as music and wellbeing.

Former laboratory manager, grant leader, PhD supervisor and public media spokesperson for top UK Universities and charities including Marie Curie. Popular blogger and author of science book ’You Are The Music’.

Mariana Sousa Aguiar
Co-founder and Audio Lead

Music Producer and Composer with a Master’s research dissertation focused on the differences in sound perception in surround sound and stereo evolving the composition of classical and electronic music.

Additional expertise includes a BA degree in Music Sciences, affiliation to the Contemporary Research Music Group at CESEM/FCSH -UNL and years of experience in the Music and Audio Industry as Sound Designer for TV Radio and Music Software as well as Mixing and Mastering Engineer and Broadcasting Editor in Lisbon and UK.

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