Advisors: How do you run a great session on Prönö?

Running a great session is easy with good communication, respect, open-mindedness, and critical thinking, but there are some practical things that are good to check and remember:

Before the Session

• Take your meeting in a quiet place with a  stable internet connection.

• Please be on time and ready:

• Double check if you are able to access your Prönö profile.

• Test the video tool, and make sure it works. Sometimes you need to give video and audio access to the Prönö platform. 

• Check and update your inbox to see if you missed any messages from us.

• If you would like to cancel the meeting or re-schedule, contact us at least 24 hours before the meeting.


During the Session

• Establish the communication style and warm up to each other. Make proper introductions.

• Set aside a few minutes in the beginning to discuss and set realistic goals

• Maintain open communication and allow some time to respond before interrupting.

• Inform the participants of any unexpected interruptions. Example: phone call, door bell etc.

• Please use respectful language and follow Prönö’s code of conduct.

• Discuss if the goals were met and if more sessions are required.

If you haven’t applied for PRO status on Prönö and don’t get compensated, please upgrade to PRO.

After the session

• Provide constructive feedback using the Prönö feedback tool after the session. The feedback will be available to all participants

• Choose if you would like future sessions to be paid. If so, apply for PRO on our platform.

• Remember to follow-up if you agreed to do so, and set up future meetings using Prönö. 


If you need any assistance, the best way to reach us is to use our chat on our platform or email us.


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