VTT Team Cool Cellulose looking for advisors

VTT – one of Europe’s leading research institutions – is working to solve the biggest problems of our times. Through Prönö YOU have the opportunity to become an advisor for VTT teams on our platform.

Heating our homes is one the biggest global sources of pollution. One VTT LaunchPad team is working on an Innovation called Cool Cellulose – which has the potential to become a key step in solving this problem.

It is an innovative material that can be used in windows, buildings, homes and cars to give just a few examples. It can adaptively cool down or heat up indoor temperatures, reducing the need to use traditional heating and cooling systems and thus saving energy.

VTT is in the commercialization phase of this project and is looking for a path to industry

They are doing their market research to understand the suitable industries to enter in order to have the biggest possible business and environmental impacts.

If you are now working in or have worked in construction, automotive or glass manufacturing industries, would you like to become an advisor for VTT?

Sign in to or join Prönö and then enter the VTT / Cool Cellulose company pool to be considered and booked.

Selected advisors will have online 1-to-1 sessions with the teams during the period 15.3.-30.3. and will be compensated as agreed upon. Future cooperation opportunities will also be determined during these sessions.

Interested in this opportunity?

Opportunity type: Advisory Opportunity
Industry expertise: Automotive, Construction, Manufacturing
Advisory Expertise: Business, Innovation, Development
Compensation: Available for PRO advisors
Sessions scheduled: 15.3. onwards, act now.
Next Step: Enter VTT / CoolCellulose Advisory pool
For more Info: Chat with us


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