What is Knowledge-as-a-Service?

The way knowledge and expertise are shared and bought is changing. Moreover, the pace of change has only accelerated since Covid. And it is not slowing down. Just ask ChatGPT if you believe otherwise.

During the Industrial Revolution, no one could have imagined the opportunities digital platforms would bring us. Utilizing these platforms, we have recently transitioned into and through the Gig Economy, defined by an upsurge in gigs, agile workloads, independent contracting and freelancing throughout the business world. We have also seen the Talent Economy, in which little if any of the talent working for a company can be classified as employees, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. Now, we are entering the next era, the Knowledge Economy, in which the ownership of knowledge and information is fluid and dynamic. 

Change – what is driving it?

These rapid changes in business operations have been accelerated by access to technology and tools, as much as the evolving conceptions and roles of employment and management of both people and expertise.

Thanks to platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and Prönö, where and how you live and operate your business are becoming irrelevant. Finding the expertise you need to succeed as a company is getting easier, faster and cheaper. 

However, with the new technical opportunities available to all, it is becoming harder and harder to retain your employees and partners. Pursuing exclusivity in an age of unlimited access to information, expertise and knowledge will become a losing strategy.

That is why we are turning the page on this chapter of the Knowledge Economy. Now, it is no longer accessibility that defines who you work for. It is instead goals, values and compatibility. 

But what about ChatGPT?

For some time already, we have had access to almost unimaginable amounts of data. Utilizing data is not about access, but instead about resources. We have almost unlimited access to data, thanks to advances like ChatGPT and Google. These tools can help, not only to find, but also to process and structure more information than you’ll ever need. “Information is power” may still be true sometimes, but in general, how you use that information – where and how you access that knowledge – will determine the success of you and your team. 

Why does knowledge top information every time?

“It’s no use doing a thing right, if you are not doing the right things.” That summarizes the small but crucial difference between knowledge and information. ChatGPT can give you unimaginably detailed action plans in ridiculously short amounts of time at essentially no cost. However, strategic advice from ChatGPT may be based on a different industry vertical and almost certainly fails to consider your unique competitive advantages.

Google and Fiverr can give you a list of hundreds of service providers who can fill your need, as you have surely experienced firsthand. However, these platforms and the service providers they point you towards generally lack the ability to comprehend the unique context, personal experience, and understanding of your specific business, never mind its challenges and future growth strategies. The graphical designer hired through Upwork may not understand the environmental aspects of your business, as their goals in life might not be aligned that well with your company or leadership goals. You need to find people who understand your unique point of view, who have the right knowledge, and who are focused on the same goals as you.

The knowledge bubbles

For most companies, gaining access to the right knowledge is not easy or fast. In the Knowledge Economy, quantifying and categorizing available knowledge and the needs it can meet is not a trivial task. That is one of the reasons why knowledge, and the people with it, are currently in gated knowledge bubbles. Today’s accelerators connecting startups to knowledgeable professionals, agencies and headhunters managing a portfolio of knowledge workers and alliances formed by a selected few companies within a certain industry will all soon feel as old-fashioned as brick-and-mortar video rental stores or driving for takeout food. After all, in all business endeavors where knowledge is shared, bought or sold, there is one thing in common.

It all starts with a discussion

No matter what you are looking for – an employee, freelancer, board member – you never move forward without a discussion. What happens after a meeting doesn’t matter before the meeting. The initial intention can (and should) be considered, but the interaction and new discoveries during the meeting dictate how everyone moves forward. That is why you should be able to find someone with specific knowledge as efficiently as you can find specific information. You need to meet the best possible candidates as soon as possible, as effortlessly as possible. And this is where Prönö comes in. 


Imagine having all the information in the world available to you with just a click of a button. Oh, wait! You already have that. Let’s try again.

Imagine having all the professionals with the knowledge you need available to you with just a few clicks. Those who have the knowledge and expertise you need and are interested in the opportunities you are offering are available and can be found effortlessly. Imagine that their goals and values matched yours and you’d be able to meet all of them without any hassle. The meetings would just appear in your calendar.

You can stop imagining and start finding the experts you need today. Through Prönö, you can collaborate with experienced people who are interested in meeting your needs. Board positions, advisory roles or expert positions in your projects are just some of the various needs you can start filling with Prönö. Growth, innovation or personalized training for your key employees are just a few clicks away.

Step into the knowledge economy

We have thousands of professionals already waiting to connect with you and share their knowledge, many even for free. We will book you meetings with the most suitable candidates based on a variety of criteria, but if you want to take matters into your own hands, feel free to search our marketplace yourself.

Taking the next step into the knowledge economy is up to you. You can imagine the next step, or do as 100’s of other companies have already and make it happen. 

Join the Knowledge Economy with Prönö. S
tart collaborating with professionals who have the knowledge and expertise you need. Read more here and book a meeting with us!


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