The 60 second Pitch in Nordic Demo Day

Prönö was invited to present at the Nordic DemoDay as one of the TOP30 most promising startups. Since we don’t have the presentation available for you, and you probably weren’t able to attend the actual event, here’s your chance to read the script of the 60-second pitch delivered by our Co-Founder, Pasi Laine.

“My name is Pasi and I am the Co-founder & COO of Prönö.

We are Prönö and we are from Finland. First of all I want to congratulate all the Sweedes on the Eurovision song contest. It was a close call, but apparently you had the better song.

We at Prönö are changing the way business knowledge is bought and shared.

Some of us are old enough to remember the time we had to physically go into an agency when we wanted to travel abroad. All information about availability, flights and hotels was only available through these agencies. Or when we needed to rent a movie…

All this is today obviously online.

BUT, finding and buying knowledge today is just as complicated. You need to know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody to get access to the knowledge you need.

This is where Prönö comes in.

On our platform, we match companies with the right people based on your goals and needs.

With our scheduling and own meeting tool, we can make the knowledge available without expensive agency fees, and in the future almost in real-time.

Payments and meeting tools on our platform are also automated.

You can simply meet the knowledge you need.

We have a healthy database of professionals and companies, and a steady growth. We are now looking to accelerate the growth and go international.

We have a committed team of 4 experienced professionals that we can grow our team around.

So let’s talk if you want to try Prönö yourself, or if you are potentially interested in our seed round late this year. 

Photo Credits: Surr


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