What is the Prönö Session?

We want to make it as simple as possible for professionals to get 1-to-1 advice and be matched with the right professionals and companies.

Prönö Sessions in a nutshell:

  • Each Prönö Session is a 50-minute virtual 1-to-1 meeting with the advisor, coach or changemaker you have booked.
  • It is a conversation between two people, not a presentation. 
  • The customer sets the discussion topics beforehand (maximum 3 different questions/themes). 
  • The advisor accepts the session if it is in the right scope, and the customer pays for the session in advance via Prönö. 
  • Before the session, the advisor prepares for 5 minutes for the meeting. 
  • After the session, the advisor sends meeting notes and the top three recommendations to the customer (5 minutes). 
  • The advisor then gets paid via Prönö after the session.

How to monetize your expertise on Prönö?

It is now easier than ever before to start getting paid for your sessions:

1) Create your profile to the Prönö platform,

2) Set up your price for 1-to-1 session and

3) Be found from the platform or your shared public link.

Create your profile to Prönö or claim your profile to start selling your session:

Prönö for your organization?

Is your organization interested in developing and supporting its employees? Prönö offers a solution for companies to buy Advice-As-A-Service with Prönö credits for its employees. Contact: helene@prono.fi


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