How do you attract the advisor you are looking for?

Traditionally, finding the right advisor has been a time-consuming challenge for companies. But even modern solutions that streamline parts of this process can waste your time. For example, you are probably fed up with filling in your company details all over again whenever you join a new platform. And that is exactly why we will fill out some of these details on your website when you want your company to Prönö. (You are welcome!)

To get the most out of Prönö, you can add some more information, but there’s also no need for you to fill in all the remaining details at once. But the more you fill in, the easier it is for us to promote your company to the right people. So let’s take a look at where to start. 

Your mission sparks initial interest

Your mission is the most important piece of information on our platform. When browsing through the company search, our community sees visions of companies instead of the traditional summaries or meta text. We most often use your vision in the emails we send to our community as well. Think of your vision as the billboard outside of your cafe or the journey you want to invite others to join. Is your vision inspiring enough?

Your description tells others WHAT you do

Your description is the first thing users see when they open your profile on the platform. You have 500 characters to tell who you are, what you do and what you are looking for specifically. This is the place to state your call to action for those who are looking for new advisory opportunities.

Here is one short and simple format for stating what you do: We are (your product or service name) and we help (your specific target group) by (doing what you do) so that they (get the specific benefits of your product or service).

And here is how Prönö would use this format: Prönö is a future business platform, and we help companies who are working for a more sustainable future by building them advisory pools of business professionals so they can both grow and work on something meaningful. (261 characters)

This framework should leave you with at least 200 more characters to work with, so it’s time to articulate what you are looking for. Remember that your target groups are right below your introduction text, so there’s no need to add that information here. Instead, you might want to tell them about what you are doing, your general goals in the next 12 months and most importantly, why they should join your pool.

Example: We are growing fast and, after our next funding round, will be looking for team members in many different areas. So if you can help us raise capital or want to join our team or partner up with us, add yourself to our advisory pool! (229 letters)

Your target groups will help you grow

Your target groups, the expertise areas you are most likely to need help with, will be shown to our PRO users. By expressing your needs, you will be able to attract the right kind of advisor to your pool. We are happy to help you with setting up your target groups and help you find the right advisors that way.

What are your goals?

Choosing your Sustainable development goals is something you probably have already done, but in case you have not, please read more about SDGs directly from the dedicated UN website.

We will be using SDGs to connect you to like-minded professionals. Setting up those goals will most help you in a) finding the people you need and b) boosting your brand. However, if you are not doing anything to work towards the goals you select, you can find a number of sustainability experts from our platform to help you understand how these goals can be achieved in your situation.

We would also be happy to help you determine your SDGs and communicate your goals in your vision and mission statements. 

Vision, purpose and values

The best professionals are increasingly interested in understanding WHY they should advice you. What is the purpose or vision of your company? And what are the values you follow as an employer and a brand working with your customer?

We want to help you highlight the answers to these questions in your profile. If you have not yet set your values or are having trouble communicating your purpose, we would be happy to help you out. 

Links provide you the opportunity to let others “learn more” about what you are working on. You can add any links you want, but we have pre-selected some of the most common ones, like links to LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram profiles. One useful tip is also to add a link to your job posts here if you are using some other platform to communicate about openings.

Other details, like your stage, company size and location, will help us target your campaigns a bit more precisely in the future, but when you have all the information mentioned in this article set up, we are good to go.

If you want us to fill in the rest of your profile with us, we would be more than happy to do that. Just schedule a meeting with us whenever is best for you. 

If you don’t have a company profile on Prönö yet, read more here and apply!


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