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How do you join a company’s advisory pool on Prönö?

Prönö is a future business platform that builds advisory pools for organizations working for a more sustainable future.

The company you want to connect with is always looking for the best partners and professionals who share their mission and would love to help them.

But they are often busy, and the time for discussing partnerships may not be right now. However, companies do want to remember all the possible candidates for all the needs that could arise in the near future.

That is why they are using Prönö.

On Prönö, you can add yourself to a company’s advisory pool with just one click and whenever this company is looking for something that you are offering – professional expertise, advice, or your time as a board member or perhaps as a volunteer – Prönö is the easiest place for them to start their search. We let them know you are interested in working together so you do not have to.

All you need to do is:

Set up your profile on the Prönö platform. It takes less than 5 minutes, and once your profile is ready, you can offer your expertise and show your interest in multiple companies with just one click: “Join advisory pool”.


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