Add your experience to Prönö with just a few clicks by using your LinkedIn profile.

Now it’s super easy to add your experience to your Prönö profile!

We have made it possible for you to do this with just a few clicks by using your LinkedIn profile. If you have already added your experience to LinkedIn, why not use the same information on Prönö as well? It couldn’t be much simpler, and it saves you time!


Don’t you want to let other prönös know more about you and your background? This is how they can see if you are their perfect match.

You can share your education, work, board and advisory board member experience. And once your profile is updated, all prönös can easily see what you have done in the past.


STEP 1: Get your LinkedIn resume in the right format  

  • Sign in to LinkedIn and go to your profile. 
  • Click “More” and then “Save to PDF”.

STEP 2. Now you are ready to upload your resume on Prönö 

  • Sign into Prönö to upload your resume to your profile.

(Note: The file name of the pdf you uploaded should start with “Profile” if you downloaded it without changing the name).

STEP 3. Upload your resume on your profile settings

  • Visit your profile page by clicking on your profile name
  • Click “Edit my profile”. You can also edit your profile by going to Settings.
  • Upload your resume and our Prönö AI will autofill your profile with information from it.

STEP 4. Create an AI suggestion or re-write suggestion

  • Write a prompt for the AI to suggest your bio based on your LinkedIn profile
  • Not too happy with the AI suggestions? AI re-write can suggest an alternative text for your Prönö profile
  • AI suggestions and AI re-write can be used on your general information, values, and your services

… And the end result will be something like this!

(Not bad for a couple minutes of clicking, right?)


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