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What are advisory pools on Prönö?

Advisory Pools are the core of the Prönö platform. Each company on the platform has their own pool of professionals, and you as a professional can join these pools with just one click. This is how we are making it as easy as possible for you to make yourself available to companies that are building a more sustainable future. 

Adding yourself to a company’s advisory pool means that you would like to become their advisor, service provider or investor, depending on what you are offering to our community.

So, instead of you having to look for contact details, send out emails or make phone calls, you will already be there when they need you. 

Companies are using Prönö as their talent and advisory management system. It is the place where they can find help or advice more easily and quickly than anywhere else. Having all the best professionals who want to work with your company automatically categorized based on their professions and values sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? But it’s not cool if you are not on the list. 

We want to give all professionals an equal opportunity to help companies build a more sustainable future. Search for the companies that you feel are most interesting and that you would like to help succeed. As a PRO-member you can use advanced filters to see which companies are looking for your expertise right now. 

So, all it takes from you is just one-click – “Join advisory pool” – if you want to…

  • Be available and be found by that company 
  • Hear about opportunities opening up in that company  
  • Ultimately get to work with (or for) that company

In short, Advisory Pools are the easiest way to get to work on something more meaningful and use your expertise to create a more sustainable future.

What’s the next step? Sign into Prönö (or create your business profile), search for all those organizations with the same goals as you and join their advisory pools.


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