Why bring your whole team to Prönö?

Imagine if you could be on the shortlist every time your future customers choose who they want to work with. Or better yet, imagine if your whole team could be there. On Prönö you do not have to imagine, just take a few clicks.

Traditionally making yourself available for potential brands has required sales calls, emails, and probably some follow-ups just to get noticed and tell about what you would like to help them with. Even if you were able to do that, the chances are that the services you are providing were not relevant right at this moment. That means you will have to follow up to make sure you are in the top of mind when your customers do have the need for your services. 

All that takes time and money. And I bet that is not what your people want to be doing. 

That is why we built Prönö. So you can focus on what you do best, and we can help you be found when you are needed.

How to reach 200 customers in less than one hour?

In Prönö all your professionals, not only the leadership or account managers, can offer their expertise to any company on our platform. With the free profile, you can select five companies you desire the most, but with PRO the number is 10X.

So let’s do the math on the number of your future customers you can reach in Prönö: 

# of your professionals X 50 = Your Potential Reach.

Now, let’s think about this for a moment. Each of your professionals has a unique skill set, but you are working towards a common goal – growing by offering your unique expertises to those who most likely need it.

My bet is that the fastest (and btw. the cheapest) way to reach those customers is Prönö. In under one hour, your team of 4 can offer their expertise to over 200 companies on our platform. And if you have more people on your team – that means you can reach even more potential customers. But that’s not all.

How to reach over 1000 decision-makers in less than 1 hour?

The unique part of Prönö is that when you want to offer your services, you no longer have to first find out who is the right person to contact, what is the channel they want to be contacted (if they want to be contacted) and when you should follow up.

Now you can simply make that one click “Join advisory pool” and you will be added to the advisory pool that all relevant decision-makers in that company have access to. 

Let’s do the math again: Your team of 6 people can reach 50 companies each and potentially reach 4 key decision-makers in each company.

In total, you can reach 6 X 50 X 4 = 1200 decision-makers in less than one hour. Quite impressive, right? 

Too good to be true?

Of course, it is! As we have just started and have some 100 companies on the platform, we do not have enough of them to make that math correct. Yet.

But here is your truly unique opportunity. The sooner you add your team into those advisory pools already on our platform, the better your chances of being noticed. Advisory pools are growing fast, so it’s all up to you if you want to be included there or not. If you took a look at your company’s advisory pool today and saw four different people from the same service provider, who all look like really talented professionals – would you be interested in working with them in the future or at least take a deeper look? Maybe or maybe not, but the answer is the same as in any other sales channel you are using today. 😉 In Prönö it simply takes less time and money to do it.

And after all – how many new customers do you need to grow? Focus your efforts where you feel your expertise can serve the best.

What to do next?

Our mission in Prönö is to make all the talent in the world available for companies that are working for a more sustainable future. It’s up to you if your people are in those advisory pools. Our job is simply to help you make the most of it when you decide to do that.

That is why we offer you a FREE team onboarding to help you get started and we can work together with you to start offering your services for a more sustainable future.

Book your free onboarding – click here


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