The platform for future board members

Prönö is the platform for future board members and organization advisors. We can connect you to the organizations that are planning to seek expertise in various roles outside of their current networks.

Be found for board positions

The logic of the platform is new, but simple. Traditionally, it’s been difficult to find out about open board positions.You had to know someone (or someone who knows someone else) who is looking for a new board member. Additions become public only when they are announced as already happening. Becoming a board member has been and still is really hard, even if you are a highly competent and credible professional in your field of expertise. 

We want to make it possible for every professional to share their interest in being a board member. Silent board position searches are done every week on the Prönö platform. If you have identified that you are interested in board or advisory positions, at minimum, you should update your profile to showcase your expertise and stand out from over 2000 other possible board members. But there is also a way to actively pursue those positions.

Actively pursue your board position

If you are serious about finding your board or advisory board position, you might have already joined some network of board professionals. Through these networks you may attend trainings and be notified when someone is looking for a board position. Prönö works the same way, but with small differences. 

On Prönö, you do not have to apply for a position, but you can still get in on opportunities earlier. On our platform, organizations are building circles of advisors and professionals around them before they are filling out the paperwork for a new board member. In the best case scenario, you will be able to start collaborating with an organization through a project or by sparring key players inside the organization. And that means you can be considered for a board position without an organization opening a search, even a silent search.

Our platform and the silent networking logic give you the possibility to offer your expertise to selected organizations as easily as humanly possible. And on top of that, we will be working hard to deliver you new opportunities every single day from organizations that are not on other platforms. 

What kind of organizations will there be in Prönö?

Our goal is to find purpose-driven organizations that want to have a positive impact on the world. We want to help them find external expertise for roles beyond just employees. We are seeking startups, scaleups and NGOs that share the curious mindset of our community and that have an open and positive attitude towards collaborations and co-creation. 

Do you want to find new potential professionals and advisors in your circles? Read more and create an organization profile for free!

For these organizations, we want to find the right talent with the right modern attitude, skill set and values. On Prönö, you do not have to have the right connections, the right ethnic background or the right diploma to offer your unique skill set. On Prönö, you are you and your work, not your status and title. 

If you believe you have the right skillset to join a group of Future Board Professionals, join Prönö, upgrade to PRO and become what you want to be. We want to grow our network of Future Board Professionals – and become the number one place in the world to find future advisors. 


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