Why have organizations joined Prönö?

As you know, we all have needs that we would like to get fulfilled – and so do the organizations. At Prönö, we want to match these needs with the right experts – and that could mean you. Each organization on Prönö is an opportunity you can offer your expertise with just one click.

Recently, there have been a bunch of amazing organizations joining Prönö. And we are so happy to have them on our platform!

Prönö is the platform where needs meet expertise. On Prönö, every professional has an equal opportunity to offer their help to anyone. By ‘anyone’ we mean other professionals and organizations. It’s your chance to make the most of these opportunities.

But why do organizations join Prönö?

Each organization is here for one of two reasons:

  1. They have identified that they will be using partners, service providers and/or freelancers in the near future and want to see who could help them.

  1. They have been struggling to manage a flood of incoming approaches from multiple different channels and have opted to use the tools we have built and now provide. 

What is the most important thing for you to understand about Prönö?

Organizations are on Prönö for their future needs. The circles of all organizations on Prönö are open to you if you simply want to work with them in the future.

Some of the organizations have already identified the expertise areas where they are most likely to need help in the near future. And hundreds of prönös have already offered to help these organizations. Have you?

But even if you don’t see your expertise on the list of an organization’s needs that does not mean you should not offer your expertise to them. Prönö is all about silent networking, not bothering others with your agenda. Now, you can offer your skills to those you want to help – not only to those who are in urgent need. 

With just one click, your profile is in the hands of an organization you would like to work with.

Always easily found when they need you!

Each organization on the platform (and actually each individual too) is an opportunity you can take or leave. 

We want to bring in the organizations our community would most like to help. And you can offer your expertise to any of them without disturbing them.

On Prönö, new opportunities come and go every day, but they will only come to you if you want them to. You know who you want to work with, but do they? 🙂

You can find all the amazing organizations on Prönö. And even better, offer your expertise with just one click.

Or bring your organization to the platform! Create your organization profile now for free!


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