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You can meet all professionals who enter you company pool and add credits to buy sessions with anyone. 

As many as you want. There’s no limit. List all the areas you want to do better and get the advice you need faster than ever. 

We can book best-fit advisors from among the 3300+ based on the needs and skills you have added to your prompt. Or you can select yourself using with the information found on the profiles. 

The free month is available for all companies that do not have an ongoing subscription to Prönö Platform. Simply fill out the out the form and let’s get started. 

Most companies use Prönö to get business advice, meet experts to start projects with, source potential board members and build around them a top-notch advisor network. 

After one month you can select your monthly price level starting from 490€ / month. The price includes 1-3 sessions with PRO advisors.

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