Growth Hacking in action

Growth hacking centers on continuous testing in alignment with sales, marketing, and growth teams. How can we develop practical, actionable strategies to transform growth into reality.

Leadership Perspective

Leadership molds growth culture and fuels organizational success. Crafting a Strategic Framework for a Growth-Focused Company Culture.

Growth Experts:

Paula Ruohoranta

Paula has nearly two decades of commercial background and she has spent the last decade integrating sales and marketing to build scalable growth strategies. Her approach prioritises understanding buying behavior rather than clinging to traditional sales or marketing methods. Paula has successfully scaled one company from €300m to €1.7m and is on a active mission to propel another from €2mil to €5mil.

Jone Korpi

Jone brings a unique blend of expertise in branding, marketing, and sales. He has the ability to dissect and optimize the client acquisition process from a comprehensive and multifaceted perspective. He is also a keynote speaker, an author-to-be, and has partnered with hundreds of clients to help drive growth by understanding diverse market dynamics. He currently leads a global sales outsourcing agency, guiding clients to penetrate new markets and strengthen customer relationships.

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