Prönö Founder Helene Auramo, the guest of Purposeperjantai (“Purpose Friday”) on Clubhouse

Purposeperjantai (‘Purpose Friday’ in English) – discussion on corporate and brand purpose  and resposibility on Clubhouse. It’s live every Friday 3-4 pm (GMT+2) with super interesting guests!

We are proud to share that Prönö Founder and CEO Helene Auramo was featured as a guest this week.

The conversation was all about purpose in working culture. Are today’s professionals looking for their clients and new jobs ahead of purpose? Do companies compete with each other on meaning? And how has working culture changed in recent years?

And of course, Helene explained how Prönö is propelling the movement for meaning forward!

On Prönö you can…

  • add your dreams, values and inspiration
  • find the people who are looking for new ways to stand for same core principles as you are (for example: sustainability, diversity & inclusion, humane tech and many more…)
  • offer your help and expertise for organizations who share your values.

Read what else you can do on prönö as a professional!


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