Prönö Platform is now live – The new social media circle offers solutions for modern work life

Serial start-up entrepreneur and co-founder of Slush Helene Auramo launched the brand new Prönö platform today. The platform helps makers, aka “prönös”, to find trusted professionals and long-term business partners faster and easier than ever before. 

Prönö’s goal is to offer experts the world’s best professional profiles, which will enable them to find new paths in their career, to share their dreams and values and to offer new business opportunities to others, such as board positions, new positions and sparring. 

“Many social media platforms these days are filled with pointless content, self-marketing, personal branding and advertising. The great professionals, who are already in our networks, get lost under the piles of content. I feel that’s just not right. I want to change the world so that it is built by the most qualified people – not just the ones who know the most about social media advertising and algorithms”, explains Prönö’s founder and CEO Helene Auramo.

On a global scale, long-lasting careers based on permanent employment are becoming less and less common. In contrast, entrepreneurship and working many jobs simultaneously will be increasingly common. Finding relevant opportunities – and the ease of grabbing those opportunities – will become even more valuable once work life shifts to a new normal in a world challenged by Covid-19.

Despite these difficult times, work life is full of opportunities. While working from home, we just don’t run into them like we did before. This is where Prönö offers a solution by making those meaningful opportunities visible to the doers, Auramo says. “With Prönö, you can tell your network that tomorrow you’ll be available for half of the day to help with someone else’s project, or that you’re willing to coach or eager to learn something new – maybe during a mid-day power walk. All of these are chances to grow your own knowhow, create something new or help a fellow professional move forward.”

Prönös are trusted, recommended experts

The Prönö platform was launched today. In this beta phase, around 100 professionals, or “prönös”, have been invited to the service. Each invitee gets to invite a limited number of their own contacts to expand their circle with experts they recommend. Joining the platform is free of charge. After receiving an invite, a new user creates a profile in the Prönö platform, where they can elaborate on their expertise but also on their values and dreams – and in this way be found through what makes them unique. At the same time, each Prönö member helps other members to find professionals that they personally trust in specific areas of expertise. The focus at Prönö is very much on recommendations and helping others.

The world isn’t so cold and career-oriented that there isn’t room for softness as well. I believe in caring and in the fact that a better world is created by doing things together instead of competing against each other. That’s why our thinking at Prönö is about recommending and helping others”, Auramo explains.

Helene Auramo founded Finland’s first-ever social media agency, Zipipop, in 2007, and has kept a close eye on how the industry has developed for over a decade. During her career, Auramo has been involved in several start-ups and built communities around them, which has shed light on some of the shortcomings of the current social media platform giants. Auramo founded Prönö Enterprises in 2019 to offer solutions for modern work life. The company’s advisors include e.g. Tero Ojanperä, Rudy de Waele and Canay Atalay. The newly launched Prönö platform is being continually developed in cooperation with strategic design agency Nordkapp, creative agency Kokoro & Moi and business law firm Dottir. Entrepreneurs Liisa Paasio and Anna Moilanen have also participated in developing the platform.

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Prönö Enterprises, founded in November 2019 and fully owned by Helene Auramo, helps doers and makers, aka prönös, to find trusted professionals in their network faster and easier. The company’s Prönö Platform has been developed in cooperation with strategic design agency Nordkapp, creative agency Kokoro & Moi and business law firm Dottir.

More information: https://prono.fi/ 

Helene Auramo is an eternal Prönö, whose success stories include the world’s leading startup and tech event (Slush), Finland’s first blogger portal (Indiedays), Finland’s first social media agency (Zipipop), and Okimo Clinic. After running in the Finnish parliamentary election in 2019, Auramo founded Prönö and joined the board of Fodelia Oyj.

Prönö is a platform for helping others, receiving support and finding people to work with.


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