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Here are some amazing female-led startups that are currently seeking investors on Prönö. From sustainable tech to textiles and workplace wellbeing to electric boating, these female-led companies are making waves and creating a better future for us all. With their innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, they are leading the change for the better and we are happy and honoured to help them succeed.


Aila platform is a one-stop-shop powering small and medium-sized enterprises to take direct action to reduce their CO2 emissions. Aila is the first platform offering the exact goods and services to eliminate emissions of companies’ business operations. Now, they are looking for early-stage investors to cover the costs of their pre-launch development. 

Minimum ticket size: 10.000€

Round size: 200.000€

Ideal investor profile: “We hope that the investor is interested in climate sustainability and can offer expertise to the project.” 

Founders Juulia Karjula & Meliina Räty


Audicin, a winner of Female Founder Pitching competition and SLUSH top 100 startup, is building an audio medicine service that enables people to recharge while they are working. Audicin offers an efficient and easy-to-use, AI-powered method to reduce stress and improve performance during the workday via audio stimulation. They are now looking for investors to build their own platform after piloting successfully with paying enterprise and B2C customers.

Minimum ticket size: 10.000€

Round size: 300.000€

Ideal investor profile: Interest in helping solve problem with workplace wellbeing. Pluses relevant knowledge in health tech, wellbeing, digital product or B2B sales.

CEO & Founder, Laura Avonius
Co-founder & Chief Scientist, Dr. Victoria Williamson
Co-founder and Audio Lead, Mariana Sousa Aguiar


PIHKA collection is known for its beautiful design of leather bags. The award-winning brand has a strong reputation for producing high-quality, durable products that are made to last. In addition to the functionality and practicality of its products, PIHKA is also known for its unique, stylish design and wide range of color options. 

The brand’s commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices is also a key factor that sets it apart from other bag brands. PIHKA products are made in Finland.

Minimum ticket size: 10.000€

Round size: 150.000€

Ideal investor profile: Interest in sustainability & design. Pluses: Experience in internationalization and B2C products.

Founders Sofia Salmi & Roosa Mattsson

Juva Yachts

Juva is the future of boating. Fully electric, silent, emission-free and affordable. With a cutting-edge user interface and the streamlined look of Scandinavian design it will redefine pleasure boating for good. Now they are looking for investors to  build the first prototype of their fully electric limitless range cabin cruiser and to strengthen their team in production and sales.

Minimum ticket size: 25.000€

Round size: 500.000€

Ideal investor profile: Excited about boating and sustainability

CEO Stina Mäntyniemi


Lovena is the Relationship Hub for singles who want to find a long-term relationship and start a family. The idea of the platform is to improve the chances to meet people online as well as offline. Platform combines dating with self-development and helps singles with self-esteem, bettering first impressions and social skills. According to studies, these are the main factors that affect the most when meeting new people. Even though dating has become increasingly digitalized, finding a partner is often a mentally draining process.


They have already over 7000 users and a fully functional platform ready to scale. Now they seek funding to improve and develop their products and grow revenue. Is this something you would love to make happen?

Minimum ticket size: 10.000€

Round size: 150.000€

Ideal Investor Profile: In the perfect situation, the investor has experience in B2C -market or/and platform business but we are curious to talk with anyone interested.

CEO Katri Gruner

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