4 steps for leaders to start co-creating with customers

This article discusses four strategies to involve customer advisors in product development, marketing and culture building. Companies should have meetings with customer advisors to gain feedback on their products and marketing materials. Additionally, regular meetings with customer advisors can help foster a customer-centric culture and lead to co-creation of new ideas and improvements. Prönö platform can be utilized to organize and facilitate these meetings.

Here are a few steps that leaders can take to start co-creating with customers today:

  1. Involve customer advisors in the product development process: Book 1-to-1 meetings with customer advisors. 
  2. Utilize customer advisors in your marketing efforts: Ask customer advisors to review your marketing materials such as website and campaign materials and provide feedback in 1-to-1 sessions on Prönö platform. This can help you ensure that your campaigns are effective and resonate with your target audience.
  3. Foster a customer-centric culture: Encourage your team to prioritize customer satisfaction and regularly seek out customer feedback. Prönö can organize monthly or weekly meetings with different customer advisors. This way everyone on the team will learn to think like a customer. 
  4. Set aside dedicated time for co-creation: Schedule regular meetings with customer advisors to brainstorm and collaborate on new ideas and improvements.

By taking these steps, leaders can start to build a culture of co-creation and customer-centricity within their organization, which can lead to stronger customer relationships and increased business success.

Do you want to start real conversations with your customers to get feedback and new ideas? Start Are you looking to engage with your customers and gain valuable insights?

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