A Busy Week of Advice and Workshops

We’re taking a look back at last week’s four advisory workshops with Commu, Medified, Crowd for Impact, and Smart Village Builders!

This past week we held a grand total of four advisory workshops offering startups an opportunity to hear directly from professionals in their field. These companies came forward with a specific issue they’re having in order to hear the feedback of advisors and their guidance on areas that need improvement.

We thought we’d share some of the comments from the reviews:

“It was great to be of assistance for people outside my own field. I had also missed this type of sparring sessions that I used to have on a daily basis for years and years supporting startups. It was energizing.”

“A lot of discussions in a short time with nice people.”

“The case was interesting and on my part it was good to test my own skills in conceptualizing the problem and ask questions. I added two of the other participants to my network immediately after the workshop, I learned a lot from their questions and points of view.” 

Let’s not just pat ourselves on the back so let’s take a look into the future. What’s our takeaway and points for improvement?

While advisory workshops are always built around a central question which propels the discussion, they only last an hour. A tighter introduction that sets up the specific question will make sure advisors have the most time to make their points on the core issue

Need Advice?

If you think your company could benefit from an advisory workshop, get in touch with us and we’ll have it set up. The thousands of advisors on our platform would be more than happy to advice you on a problem and bring a fresh perspective. One hour, one question, limitless advice.

If you’re an aspiring advisor instead, be on the lookout! We send personal invites to select advisors on Prönö for every advisory workshop and being active is key to standing out.


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