Advisors to launch the best FUTURES DESIGN Academy

A new academy for business people is coming soon from Minna Koskelo, the futures designer, author, and keynote speaker. The goal is to offer the best FUTURES DESIGN Academy in the Nordics. Now they are looking for strategic advisors on Prönö for help with their launch: how to take their offering to market, market their courses and other contents and to commercialize the academy. Do you want to be part of this as an advisor? 

Future Design is becoming more and more important for companies who want to survive in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous operational environment and among ever-growing competition.

Professionals need to learn the skills to sense and understand the continuous changes in the operational environment and how to seize the opportunities presented by a change to gain a competitive advantage and become fit for the futures fit.

FUTURES DESIGN Academy will offer methods and tools for professionals, executives, and board members to get ahead of the curve an co-design futures together with employees and customers. The new academy is ready to be introduced to advisors.

The academy is supported by Business Finland and will be launched this autumn. Now the most well-known Future designer in Finland, Minna Koskelo, is taking the lead in launching this brand-new academy. Koskelo works full-time as a futures designer with the futures design company she founded, D11 Helsinki. She is also a keynote speaker and has written the book “Tehtävänä tulevaisuus –tulevaisuusmuotoilu päätöksenteossa”.

Advisors needed! 

If you have expertise in pricing strategy, business strategy, PR & comms, or building and launching new services in general, they are ready to book a session with you!

How to become an advisor

  1. Join the FUTURES DESIGN Academy’s advisory pool on Prönö.
    FUTURES DESIGN Academy will select the best available advisors from their advisory pool.

    If you are already on Prönö: Join pool and make sure your profile is top-notch
    If you are not yet on Prönö: Create an account

  1. They will select the best advisors for 1-to-1 sessions
    DESIGN FUTURES Academy will select the best potential advisors from their advisory pool. If you want to get paid for the sessions, upgrade your profile to PRO.

Prönö is the platform where companies can grow together with advisors. You only have one life. Be a Prönö.


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