Advisors wanted for VTT projects

VTT – one of Europe’s leading research institutions is solving the biggest problems of our times. Now you have an opportunity to become an advisor for three VTT teams on Prönö platform.

Build the future as an advisor with VTT’s Ilmari 2.0, Energy Community or Catch, Concentrate & Release projects. Check out the projects and join their advisory pools to be selected as an advisor!

Ilmari 2.0 Project

VTT has best-in-class knowledge, experience & substance about construction, buildings and materials but also their environmental impacts. They can calculate the emissions & environmental impacts of a building through its whole life-cycle.

We have been developing a method and tools for building assessments already for a while. To meet the needs of upcoming regulations, we are looking to create a solution that is accessible and available for the whole industry.

We are looking for advisors and customers to help us design a tool that meets the needs of different stakeholders. Make yourself available by adding yourself to our advisory pool.

Make building emissions analysis available for all.

Ilmari 2.0 project’s mission

Energy Communities Project

VTT is working on a platform to set-up and manage an energy community. It could potentially take care of the interactions between the various elements of the community and present a united front to the energy retailer, with simple and clear information towards the energy markets.

Most of the technology exists, but integrating them into a functioning system requires a lot of time, skill and efforts. VTT is in the perfect position to build something that could help us all become smarter about energy.

We are inviting all stakeholders in the industry to join the project. Add yourself to our advisory pool so we know that you are interested and available for a discussion.

Be the preferred solution provider for Energy Communities

Energy Communities project’s mission

Catch, Concentrate & Release Project

VTT has developed patented solutions for the analysis of low concentration gaseous species. The method composes of three steps: catch, concentrate and release (CCR). The low concentration gaseous sample will be extracted from the gasesous medium and concentrated to the level required by the desired analysis method. The CCR method has already been tested in a real nuclear power plant environment for the analysis of C-14 releases.

The next step should be taken now. If you have relevant industry expertise or are interested in sharing your strategic advice for the team, join their advisory pool so the team knows that you are available for upcoming sessions

Detect and avoid leakages that cause health issues to humans and other species.

Catch, Concentrate & Release project’s mission


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